Youth Ministry: Managing Your Time Wisely

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Altar Servers; Choir Members and their Choir Organist gathered together with our Sister-Nuns and Fr. Marlon, SSS, during the Corpus Christi feast.

Managing your time wisely is the key to make yourself available to the Lord!

For some, it is true for them that it is hard to organize their day– most especially, during Sundays. It is weekend and opportunities are countless. But hey, for us Catholic Christians, Sunday is the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As a youth, to manage your time wisely is always a challenge. There would be some times that you would find yourself doing a lazy ‘couch potato’ (doing almost nothing at all) while watching TV or getting totally hooked with your celfon, in the internet or playing a sport that you really love instead of doing your tasks because of the thought of them worries you. Your tendency as a youth is to entertain things that make you happy. Youths have a tendency to set aside burdensome tasks– like assignments and project in school and always find time to enjoy.

In human survival theory of ‘fight or flight response’ to challenges that come along our way, this is a ‘flight’ attitude. Flight attitude is not facing the challenges that need to be resolved… in your case, let us call it ‘not facing the challenges squarely’ because of your delaying response. Many among youths, usually, would tend to say, ‘I’ll just do it later.’

Imagine if you usually say this ‘I’ll do it later’ to every small tasks that you encounter in daily basis: in doing school assignments, doing errands for your parents, helping your brothers and sisters, finding ways to solve your school projects and meeting with your classmates or friends, in taking care of your pets and other simple things– you will find at the end that all of these accumulated tasks become an overwhelming problem. Worse, when this ‘do it later behavior’ already flooded your schedule when deadlines start to bother you. You will soon realize that your many little tasks that already piled-up together– because you neglect to attend them in the first place– now create conflict with your other schedules at hand. You would end up cramming and you will forego most of your goodnight sleeps for nights. Most of the time, you will miss your socialization with your friends. Your opportunity to play or chat with them will even be sacrificed. You will miss many opportunities to relax for a while and your daily activities started to become so monotonous. This will cause you stress; and most of the time, stress burns anyone out.

Having realized all these, now is the right time for you to check if you are really responsible to handle your schedules. Good time management enables you to perform better.

Actually, youth like you are good in planning. You are creative and have many ideas. You volunteer most of the time and you love helping others, too. But poor implementation of what you conceptualize in your mind hinders you to achieve self-rewarding tasks. With this dilemma, you may even sacrifice going to Church on Sundays; and if you are a member of any Church-based youth organization, you may even cease to serve and attend Youth Organizational Meetings.

Going to Church regularly enables you to meet Jesus Christ Himself. More, if you participate in serving Jesus as an Altar Server or Youth Choir. Participating in Church-based Youth Organizations helps you to grow spiritually and socially. And to be an active participant, you need to devout your precious service and time. To do this, you need to balance your schedule so that before any given Sunday comes, you are totally free to commit yourself to the Lord our God.

Here are some tips that you may consider on how to manage your time wisely:

1.Write Down Your Schedules- Get a paper, write down all your schedules– this could be done on weekly basis. Post it wherever you can see it to remind you. By plotting all your activities, you can identify your ‘spare-times’ even during school days. If you have some ‘spare-times’ in school, you may invite your classmates to do some group studies and make some reviews before the exam; or you may read books, do researching in the library and start answering school assignments when you are vacant. This is good, so that when you reach home, you will have an ample time to do your household tasks. When you finish early, then, you will have time to relax and prepare your things for tomorrow’s activity. Knowing your schedule enables you to plan ahead.

2.Prioritize Your Schedules- It is true that not all the time, you are too busy. During these ‘non-busy’ days you can socialize with your friends or spend your personal time doing your stuff. But, as a student, be sensitive to the changing times. During examinations period at school, you may need to trim down some of your luxuries in life. This is to make you focus on studying. Your parents would even allow you to skip some of your household chores so it’s better for you to use your privilege wisely.

3.Learn To Say ‘NO’- For us Catholics, we set aside Sunday because it is our special day to meet our Lord. Most of the time, your friends would invite you during this special day to hang-around with them. Most of the time, you will accept their invitation because you want to belong, but if this would happen every now and then, you will realize that you are not prioritizing anymore your Church obligations. To avoid this to happen, be honest with them and tell them that you have a commitment with the Lord. Good friends will understand this situation. If they persist, you can do bargaining with them, by telling them when you will be available; or better, invite them to go with you to the Church (see number 4).

4.Socialize Effectively- Start inviting others to go with you to the Church on Sundays. Youths, like you, usually gather together as a group. It is good to invite your friends to go to Church to hear mass and receive communion before going anywhere else. If you are a member of any Youth Organization, you can even invite them to volunteer and serve like you in your Church organization.

I have seen so many youths whose friendship was further strengthen when they serve together in the Church. Most Youth Volunteers– like Altar Servers and Youth Choirs, are groups of youths with the same interest: they serve together, play together, sing together and share their giftedness to one another and to the Church. Many youth organizations foster a venue for self-discovery, servanthood and leadership. The Church is not only a place of worship but also a common venue to socialize in a responsible way.

5.Be Committed To Your Schedule- If you have done your schedule and used it wisely, you can treat yourself once in a while. When everything is done, you can try to relax and slow down. Take a rest and have a good night sleep.


Always remember that if you maintain a balanced time for your personal, social, family and Church activities, you can foster an effective personal and social life. Any youth, like you, have a very active and dynamic nature– you are always full of energy to do many things; and always enthusiastic to learn new things. Having a good time management enables you to maximize your time and conserve your energy.

Responding to your Sunday obligation is one of the culminations of your youthfulness. God ask you to serve Him while you are still at your youthful days[1]; and you gladly devoted your ‘gift of self…’ your time and your presence, as your offering of thanksgiving to all of His blessings showered upon you and your family. You become a good steward of God’s blessings by offering them back to the Lord by serving Him.  Your good and effective personal time management is your key to make yourself always available to our Lord Jesus Christ: to serve Him and to love Him with all your heart.

Br. Dennis DC. Marquez, SSS

[1] Cf. Ecclesiastes 12:1.