Values Formation and Rice Giving in Iraq

Mar 1, 2016 | [post_view] Views


Every month, we go to different Barangays under our parish to evangelize our brothers and sisters about the Catholic faith. Recently, we had our Values Formation and Rice Giving in a place called “Iraq”. This place may sound familiar, but it’s not where you think it is, this is actually Iraq in Zone 3, Patag which dwells near the COOP village in Carmen. According to the people living in that area, the place was called “Iraq” because of their history of neighbours who often fight each other which somehow associates with Iraq in the Middle East.

The area was 15-20 minutes travel from Santuario Eucaristico. The people were welcoming and attentive. Before the session started, Fr. Joel R. Lasutaz, SSS engaged in conversation with the community as to where they attend mass during Sundays.

By then we started with the catechesis that was given by Fr. Joel. The whole community fully participated in the session. Accordingly, Fr. Joel informed the people that Iraq should actually be part of the area covered by Santuario Eucaristico.


After the session was the distribution of the goods to the parents and snacks for the Kids. At that same time, Fr. Joel gathered 5 of the area representatives in a meeting where they tackled about the regular Street Mass and Sacraments that will be granted to the community. As of date, our parish priest continues to communicate with the representatives to further help the Iraq.