St. Joseph Chapel Celebrates its 52nd Feast with a Free Mass Wedding and Baptism

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Viva Señor San Jose! A happy fiesta to all!
As we commemorate the Solemnity of St. Joseph, the Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph Chapel in Patag 6th Division successfully celebrated their 52nd Feast with a a Free Mass Wedding of four (4) couples and Baptism of fourteen (14) children.

The celebration started with a nine (9) days Novena starting last March 10 to 18 where they had Novena Prayer and Mass each day. On the last day of novena, a Free Mass wedding was bestowed upon four (4) couples who had been together for years, all totalling to 50 years who haven’t been married in the church. Now they were given a free mass wedding as the parish and chapel envisions to support unmarried couples to unite in Christ through the Sacrament of Matrimony. These couples will also have their children baptized on the feastday. After the Novena 6pm Novena Mass, a Holy Confession was conducted in the chapel.


On the feast day, a Diana and Procession of the Image of St. Joseph was made around the area of St. Joseph Chapel where it commenced with the Fiesta Mass and Baptism presided by Fr. Clifford B. Barrios, SSS. A total of fourteen (14) children were baptized and welcomed to the Christian world. Afterwards, a feast was served to the ministers and guests. The food in the feast was surprisingly given/donated by all the parishioners of St. Joseph Chapel, a very good example of the essence of community and giving.

Mass Baptism

We thank you SSS Fathers, Parish Catechists and St. Joseph Chapel council, leaders and ministers!
May Lord bless St. Joseph Chapel through the intercession of St. Joseph, the Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Viva Señor San Jose!