SSS Father General Visited Cagayan de Oro Community

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The Superior General, Fr. Eugenio Barbosa Martins, SSS, the highest superior of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament throughout the world, was here last January 25-29 to animate the congregation’s local community here in Cagayan de Oro. He had an individual conference with each of the SSS brothers and priests and a meeting with the Blessed Sacrament Community. He also spoke to our Eucharistic organization members and our active parish lay collaborators last January 27 at 2 in the afternoon at the Shrine and at with the Mass goers during the 6:00pm Mass. He also visited and talked with the parishioners of Nuestra Señora Virgen del Rosario (NSVDR) Parish, Consolacion the next day at 6:45 in the evening. NSVDR is administered by our congregation as well.

Below is the message of Fr. Eugenio to all ESMP members.

To all the Eucharistic Shrine Mission Partners in the name of the whole Congregation, I thank you for this act of sharing and sign of unity, in order to live the Eucharistic spirituality and your concretization of the words of Jesus, when He spoke of the Eucharist as a memorial. Thanks to all of you and may the Lord bless and grant you health in order to be able to continue to assist this Sanctuary/Parish; this is the sign of your gratitude for the blessings you have received from the Lord. Thank you for your gift and may this gift multiply life, joy and energy.

God Father, Son, Holy Spirit, bless you always.


Fr. Eugenio Barbosa Martins, SSS

Superior General