Share A Meal with Love

Jan 13, 2018 | [post_view] Views


It originally started from a friendly meeting over a cup of coffee by a priest and of few parishioners way back 2015. Within the meeting was the desire to share something from the little they had and share it with the children in a form of a meal. They decided to sponsor few children for breakfast there in Jollibee. Inviting other friends to do the same, they gathered 285 children. The joy was overwhelming on the part of the friends being able to give joy to the less fortunate children from the little they had.

Then such experience was repeated the following year 2016 when friends gathered together to do the same and at that time inviting more friends to come and join the plan of giving joy to the less fortunate children. That time the group gathered 860 children from the parish and have them enjoy their breakfast in Jollibee. However, the joy on the part of the friends who sponsor for breakfast was more overwhelming than that of the children. Christmas for them is more meaningful knowing that they give joy and smile to the less fortunate children.

Over a cup of coffee, once again the group gathered together for a meeting last November 2017 and dicusses the coming Christmas activity for the children. This time more friends are coming out voluntarily to join the activity of giving joy to the children. As the plan of the activity is getting to its close, the number of children to be given breakfast reached 2,070. So, four days were alloted for the activity, Dec. 19-22. The group facilitated the children on the first two days in Jollibee, then the second two days were in McDonalds. It’s a bit tiring experience for four days, but the joy is overwhelming. Christmas is more meaningful and fulfilling for joy is given especially to the needy.

Christmas is giving life. And this reality comes from the gift of Jesus that we receive from the Father. We receive and we want also to share. And when we share we give life. And when we give life there is overwhelming joy. Let us give life and love on Christmas.

Fr.Muriel Uy, SSS
Santuario Eucaristico-Sacred Heart Parish
R.N.Pelaez Blvd. Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City