Santuario Resumes Rice Donation

May 21, 2014 | [post_view] Views


Santuario Eucaristico through its Eucharistic Shrine Mission Partners has been donating 5 sacks of rice to San Jose de Mindanao Seminary and St. John Vianney Theological Seminary for a couple of years. However, last year, we suspended this program temporarily. And it was only yesterday that we resumed donating to the two seminaries.

We delivered 10 sacks to each seminary. But next month we will return to 5 sacks each. The cost of a sack of rice these days has increased. We bought it at 2,060 pesos per sack.  And for the 20 sacks of rice, we spent a total of 41,200 pesos. The funds we use for this come from the monthly pledge of our Mission Partners, the ESMP.  There are more than 200 members. And we receive an average monthly donation of 40,000 pesos.  This is helping the parish a lot especially in its charitable programs. One of which, of course, is the rice donation to the two seminaries.

According to kitchen personnel, San Jose seminarians consume 1 sack of rice a day because of the number of seminarians. What we are donating to them is good only for 10 days. I pray that we will be able to sustain this donation for our future priests in the archdiocese. May God send us more Mission Partners.

We are so grateful to the members, who despite of their poverty (some members are poor) reamin faithful to their monthly pledge of even just a hundred pesos.  May He continue to bestow upon all the ESMP members with the abundance of His financial blessings.

You may want to visit the seminary. Here is their website: for the St. John Vianney Theological Seminary and for the San Jose de Mindanao Seminary.

Below are some pictures taken during the purchase and delivery to the seminaries.