Santuario Eucaristico Launches Bible Conference

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The Santuario Eucaristico, in addition to the Conference on the Holy Eucharist, will launch a Bible Conference this coming July 20 at 9:00 in the morning.  This is done every other month alternate with the Eucharistic Conference.

This conference is a response to the unexpressed need to know about the Word of God. Many Catholics today may probably be reading the Scriptures but may find it difficult to understand. To make it understandable, others just simply relate it to their lives. Some others only rely on a Sunday Mass to hear the Word of God proclaimed and deepened on the homily. These are, of course, good and even liturgical ways of learning the Scriptures.

Moreover, Msgr. Daniel Kutys wrote in his article at

Average Catholics asked today how often they read the Bible likely would say that they do not read the Bible regularly.  However, if asked how often they read Scripture, the answer would be different. Practicing Catholics know they read and hear Scripture at every Mass.  Many also recognize that basic prayers Catholics say, such as the Our Father and the Hail Mary, are scriptural. But for most Catholics, the Scripture they hear and read is not from the Bible. It is from a worship aid in the pew.

But we can do more than what we ordinarily do to learn more deeply about God in the Scriptures. I am referring to the Bible Conference we are going to have here at Santuario Eucaristico. This is not the usual Bible Sharing that some organizations and Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) are doing. Since this is a conference, a time for individual reflection and sharing is not provided formally but this is done through the open forum. Nevertheless, we will still do this conference in an atmosphere of prayer.

My main source is the book “Understanding the Scriptures: A Complete Bible Study” by Dr. Scott Hann. On July 20, we will start on the basics presented in the first chapter, which deals with “What is the Bible?” The topics in this chapter are the following: “What Catholics Believe About The Bible,” “How the Bible Was Written,” “The Bible is a Sacred Literature,” “The Bible is Religious,” “What “Salvation History” Is?” “The Church will be our Guide,” and “How the Canon Came To Be.”  We will try to cover what we can in an hour and half talk. But, if we are not able to finish, we can, of course, continue it on September 21, the schedule for the next Bible Conference since August 17 will be a Eucharistic Conference.

I am, then, inviting all our Eucharistic Shrine Mission Partners to give yourself a spiritual favour by embracing the Scriptures during our Bible Conference. Learn and incarnate the Word of God in your life.

Come on July 20, Saturday, at 9 in the morning. Bring your friends with you. They will appreciate it. I pray that you will join.