Santuario CFLA Conducted its 1st Parochial Value Orientation Seminar

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Our Parish Christian Family and Life Apostolate (CFLA) conducted its 1st Value Orientation Seminar in partnership with the Archdiocesan VOS Facilitators last April 27-29 and May 4-6 2018 with 20 participants from different ministries in our parish.

Value Orientation Seminar is a process seminar that value, emotional, psychological and spiritual energy that lies at the root or core of every person. Born with inherent spiritual task each has to learn to use the personal power responsively, wisely and lovingly. It is a process of value formation in search of God in human life.

This year, we had our 1st parochial Value Orientation Seminar hosted by the parish and facilitated by the Archdiocese VOS facilitators led by the Archdiocesan VOS Coordinator, Mrs. Lucia A. Laroga at the parish formation center. The seminar had two (2) phases, Phase 1 was conducted last April 27-29, 2018 and Phase 2 last May 4-6 2018. The seminar had 20 participants from different ministries and organization of the parish. The participants were encouraged to journey in a self-reflective mood in search of truth and answer to important questions in life. Throughout Phase 1 and 2, we had 13 sessions given by our VOS Facilitators and guest speakers including Fr. Froilan Briones, SSS, our rector and parish priest and Fr. Garry Igot, SSJV, the Archdiocesan CFLA Director. They also presided the masses during phases. In Phase 1, they had Orientation and Grouping and series of sessions from our VOS facilitators. During the Phase 2, they had Social Night with Group Presentation and Evening Reflection. By the end of Phase 2, they had an activity called Encounter with Jesus, Tearing and Burying of False Values and a Closing Liturgy.

The seminar itself paves way to a deeper relationship with all the participants as they share their life experiences and learn from one another, especially for the married couples. They became a support system of each other knowing that they are not alone in this journey towards attaining quality life from deep sense of Christian values, interiorizing inner convection and living the attitudes, ideas and values of Christ to become a “Whole Person “ with respect to love and life.

Congratulations to our Parish Christian Family and Life Apostolate (CFLA) for a successful 1st Value Orientation Seminar in our parish!

Article Contributor:
Etchel Valdez