Santuario Ceiling to Undergo Total Renovation

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Santuario Eucaristico old ceiling

The ceiling of Santuario Eucaristico which was renovated when the Blessed Sacrament Fathers and Brothers arrived here is going to be renovated again.

As you can observe, 2 parts of the ceiling were taken down last year because there was a long crack indicating that there is something wrong with the structure inside that holds it. This posed a great danger to our Mass goers. Our electrician who used to climb inside the ceiling to install and repair electrical lines told me that the ceiling structure which is made of wood is infested with wood bugs  or buk-bok in Cebuano. He said further that the entire structure is actually being destroyed by these bugs though there are few physical indications from below of its present condition. These prompt us to renovate the ceiling as soon as possible since it is presenting more danger. In the recent meeting of the Parish Councils, upon the recommendation of the council members, this renovation is going to start after Easter Sunday, practically on the first or second week of May.

A Monstrance Design

Below is an image of the planned Santuario ceiling. We retain and enhance the rays-like structure above the sanctuary. The concept of these rays is actually a monstrance, a sacred vessel for the exposition and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. This, then, is the inspiration of the whole ceiling design. The rays are extended towards the walls at the back making the monstrance design bigger at least half of a monstrance. To accommodate this design, the ceiling has to be flat. This flat design also gives more room inside the ceiling for repairs and maintenance and for a spacious insulation. To avoid wood bugs, we will be using light metal frames and hardiflex. The architect behind this beautiful design is Architect Marlou Boctot, PIA who is gracious enough to share his God-given talents and knowledge for the Eucharistic Mission.

santuario eucaristico ceiling plan

This is the perspective of the new ceiling of Santuario Eucaristico.

 A Ceiling with a Mission

As a Shrine of the Holy Eucharist, the new ceiling speaks about Santuario’s mission, that is, to bring people to the Blessed Sacrament exposed in a monstrance so that Jesus may be loved and adored. The rays-of-the-Sun design speaks about the Holy Eucharist.  St. Peter Julian Eymard, the Apostle of the Eucharist and Founder of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament talked about the Sun of the Eucharist when he said “The Sun of the Eucharist is just beginning to rise — what will it be like when its influence shines like the noonday sun.”  Santuario Eucaristico envisions a people soaked by the rays of the Sun of the Eucharist. These are the rays of His Love that penetrates every heart beginning at Santuario Eucaristico to the whole Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro, to the whole of Mindanao and the Philippines and ultimately to the four corners of the world.

An Appeal for Prayer

To make this ceiling design a reality, we need a lot of prayers. Please help us pray that God may bless this work of our hands and make it the Body of His Son Jesus, the Church, the worshipping People of God. I am also appealing for more prayers that God may send us a lot generous friends and benefactors who will help us finance this worthy project.

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Thank you so much. You are a blessing to us. May God return to you His blessing a hundredfold.