PPCRV for National Election 2016

May 25, 2016 | [post_view] Views


Once again, the Santuario Eucaristico community participated in the recent National Elections in partnership with the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV). There were 15 precints in the assigned voting center and we have about 130 PPCRV Volunteers from our community.

Two weeks before the election, our Parish PPCRV Volunteer coordinators attended series of sessions like meetings with the Diocese coordinator, SMART Telecom briefing and general assemblies in order for us to help make a better election this year. We made a lot of personal and media invitations to call for volunteers as we were trying to achieve 150. With the help of the Lord, we gathered around 135 volunteers from our parish. On the night of May 7, we had our Parish PPCRV final briefing where are materials and final instructions were given.

The election proper started at 6:00AM in the morning and voting was closed at 5:00PM. Due to Smartmatic Machine Malfunctions, the votes casting of 2 of the 15 precints namely cluster #388 and #392 were delayed. It took 2 hours to fix the machine in cluster #388. As for cluster #392, the first option to use the machine from the other precint did not work so the BEI chairman had to call the COMELEC to request a Contingency Machine. The new machine arrived by 9:45PM but there were over a hundred ballots to cast thus delaying the transmission until 4:00AM in the morning.

With all the fuss and issues back then, we still had a clean and honest election. Thanks to all our PPCRV volunteers and sponsors. Let us pray for our new leaders and kudos to our country!




The last photo was taken around 1:00AM in the morning while the volunteers are still waiting patiently for the contingency machine for #392..