Pews at Santuario Undergo Refinishing

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The pews at Santuario Eucaristico have been in use for almost 40 years now. Through the years, people gather on it to pray, to pour out their hearts to God, to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament exposed on the Altar and to celebrate the Holy Eucharist. These pews are a witness of the faith of so many people since the first day the building was used as a Church.

Pews and Meaningful Liturgy

Church pews are a liturgical furnishings. Here, the congregation actively participate in the Eucharistic Celebration. They are strategically placed so that the faithful will be able to see the sanctuary especially the Altar, and hear the prayers said at Mass. Seeing and hearing clearly are necessary senses in the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy for it serves as windows of the soul that digest the meaning of the celebration affecting the life of the person participating the celebration. At the pews, the congregation actively participate through the liturgical gestures that reflect their love and reverence to the One who is truly present at Mass. Here, they stand, sit and kneel and greet each other peace. As they gather around the Table of the Word and the Table of the Eucharist, God instructs and feeds them about Christian Living, abut life itself, about the created beauty of life and the promise of  life eternal nourishing them with His Word and with His Word Made Flesh. It is in the pews that God’s people come as His disciples and it is from here that God sends them as apostles. And it is here that they come back to render a report to God how they were doing in their mission as apostles.  It is at the pews therefore that the interplay between disciple-apostle are expressed and lived-out.

Pews at Santuario Eucaristico

Let us go back to the pews here at Santuario Eucaristico.  Those many years of witnessing all these, the pews have worn out. Many were eaten by wood borers and some by termites. The pews were not treated against these pests but were just repaired and repainted crudely. The upholstery of the kneelers were also torn and were just patched. Some kneelers are even broken.  The pews which wood were eaten by the pests were just temporarily repaired and repainted.

With these condition, our pews contributed less to a meaningful celebration. Especially now that the Sacred Place is an Archdiocesan Shrine of the Holy Eucharist, it is necessary that we totally repair and repaint.  This refurbishing and refinishing of the pews was started last July 8. There are 78 pews and 168 individual kneelers.  The cost is projected to be more or less 280,000 pesos or about 6,400 US dollars. Since it started, it is now 58% finished.

Help us Pay for the Pews

If you would would  like to donate to pay for the expenses of the repairs and refinishing, please click on the donate button below. Your donation will be handled by Paypal, a trusted company that handles online payments. In my experience, paypal is true to their commitment. And with this, I trust them. I hope it will be the same with you. So, if it is okay with you, you may make use of their services to make a donation.

Here are some pictures.

The Old Pews Needing Repair

During the Repair and Repainting of the Pews

The Newly Repaired and Repainted Pews