Parish Youth Camp 2012

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“What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee. In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.”

It was a hot summer season when the Santuario Eucaristico – Sacred Heart Parish had a mission to fulfill. Having been to a Basic Orientation on the Eucharist for the Youth, the learnings can never stay in the four corners of the formation room but to be shared to the community of God. It was one of the three fold mission we are bestowed upon, the prophetic mission. The question then was “Can we really make it happen?” and by the grace of God, it was made real, it happened.

The last weeks of May were totally days of planning and preparation. Among these tasks to do, what makes us motivated is that we wanted to do what God wills. To us, it was a slippery slope to take, many questions came out that bothered us whether would people come? or will this event prosper? But with God’s guidance and trust, we are willing to push through. Preparations were made and it was almost the big day, without fuss, the number of participants joining the camp reached 65 young people of God. It was a miracle that gave us hope that God really wants this event to happen.

The big day has come and we were very anxious to what might happen. It was early morning when we visit the place to clean things up and prepare. Tick tock, tick tock the clock ticks as our sweat comes out preparing the things to bring and the place to stay. It was 12 noon when the delegates arrived at the assembly place. They were excited and cooperative. Soon then, we arrived and the fresh summer breeze, the sun’s bright raise welcomed us. They were amazed to see how very “bukid” the place was. Not long enough, complains arouse and we can no longer know what to do with all the bugs and fuss around. With the help of each other, the problem was solved and everyone is settled down.

The event then officially started as Fr. Joel R. Lasutaz, SSS made his welcome address and activities followed then. The delegates were able to know and get together with each other. Preparing the first meal was not easy, we got problems with cooking some of the foods to prepare but with helping each other, the problem has found its way out. At night, the first and second session happened. We luckily have electricity for the talks thanks to Manong Pasensyo, Aling Elsa and Ate Joan for sharing their blessings. That very night then was the creative prayer where we get to have a time talking to Jesus alone and the awaited Parish Youth Camp Night (PYC Night), the bonfire was lit already and everybody were able to present their corresponding numbers. It was one great and happy night!

We welcome the morning sun with a Shibashi form prayer with the lead of Bro. Ed Mabilin and then breakfast was served. God has always been so kind touching the hearts of the people around us, there was no place to take a bath, everyone felt warm when citizens from Himaya offered their houses for us to take a fresh bath and that was amazing! Soon then, the third, fourth and the fifth session started. Suddenly, the clouds turned dark and the wind started to get stronger, everyone was worried that it might rain. Thank God for hearing us out, our prayers were heard and the rain did not come. What was shocking was that according to Fr. Joel, he rushed to Himaya because it was raining very hard in Cagayan de oro. God has given us the chance to continue our activity to the very moment and we thank Him for that.
The last part of the event was a time of family reflection. The cool summer breeze gave us the very moment to reflect. The video of a Letter from Mom and Dad, the sound of the birds chirping, the wind flowing around us, the sound of the animals and the complete silence of the heart completed the reflection. Everyone weep as they had realizations and deep emotions. Many have shared about what they felt. It was good to see that people trust each other and share what they felt. The connection had begun and everybody was able to build friendship, love to one another, and care for hurt. As they opened their eyes, a surprise letter from their parents was given. Everyone was shocked and a smile was drawn from their beautiful faces giving them the color of the day.

That was how the event ended, like any other events, people come and go. What makes the Parish Youth Camp 2012 remembering was people did not just go, but with great faith in God, love and care for one another, knowledgeable in their faith and with deep gratitude. Trials are storms they say, but what makes our boat getting stronger is our faith in God that never dies even when the sun won’t rise. God is the very reason why we keep on going.