Parish Pastoral Assembly 2018

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The Santuario Eucharistco – Sacred Heart Parish held their Parish Pastoral Assembly last June 12, 2018 at Parish Center. It was participated by the different organizations, and leaders of the parish.

The participants arrived at eight in the morning. The event started with the community singing and welcome remarks of our beloved Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Froilan R. Briones, SSS and followed by the talk of Ms. Venus Guibone. She emphasized the real value and purpose of the parish assembly as collaboration of the priests and the parishioners which they share each other’s gifts and talents in the parish. Likewise, she highlighted that everyone is called to be a servant of the gospel. She also presented the different activities done in the parish. She made a survey of the parish regarding the progress and growth of the parishioners in their spiritual life. There were sixty three respondents who answered the survey. In the end, a group sharing was done.

The parish provided the lunch of the participants. Fr. Froilan, our parish priest delivered a State of the Parish Report about the improvements of the parish, the renovation of the formation center building, parish financial situation, and the enhancement of the convent of the fathers. Lastly, the most awaited part of the participants was the election of the New Parish Pastoral Council and Parish Coordinating Council.

These are our new Parish Pastoral Council members:
PPC Chair: Sis. Cecile Kionisala
PPC Vice Chair: Sis. Imee Teves
PPC Secretary: Sis. Inday Ababao
PPC Asst. Secretary: Sis. Leah Delute

These are our new Parish Coordinating Coucil members:
PCC Chair: Sis. Norma Serrada
PCC Vice Chair: Bro. Edmund Valdez
PCC Secretary: Sis. Aida Vallinas
PCC Asst. Secretary: Sis. Gliceria Valencia

The event ended at four in the afternoon with the community pictorial. Truly, it was successful and meaningful Parish Pastoral Assembly this year. We would like to thank each and everyone for all the support and cooperation.

Written by:
Br. Victor Clemence Posadas, SSS