Parish Blood Donation Ministry

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One day, a teary eyed woman came to the parish office. Her face was quite familiar. She was actually from Talakag, Bukidnon, who used to come to the Shrine to ask for help. I had helped her a few times before. Now, she came looking for a blood donor since a relative of hers was hospitalized at the Provincial Hospital and was in a critical situation in need of an emergency blood transfusion. She said that she had approached institutions (I will not mention which) who might be able to respond to this particular need but she was refused. I could see her face so down and so desperate, so anxious and so sad yet still hopeful. I could feel that fear in her heart if she could not bring a bag of blood for her relative that very day. It was made known to her that we had bloodletting every year. She was hoping that we could let her use a blood donor’s card. But, the cards of those who donated during the annual bloodletting here at the Shrine were not in our possession. And so when I told about that, a police officer who happened to be at the office at the time to arrange for his wedding interrupted our conversation upon over hearing what the woman needed. He offered his Red Cross Blood Donor’s Card. The woman’s face lightened up in gratitude. Her prayer was heard. She approached God for help by coming to the Shrine and she was not refused.

This is just one of those that tell the real life stories about the need for blood donors. It is indeed a very anxiety ridden feeling of having to search for blood donors especially when the relatives are told that their patient could die if not transfused with blood. This stressful experience strikes both the poor and the rich alike.

It is this need that the parish is now trying to respond through the blood donation ministry. The ministry hopes to get more blood donors. To achieve this, a bloodletting is organized every month at the areas in the parish. We are partnering with Philippine Red Cross and with 4th ID Light Cavalry Armory. The Donor’s Card is kept at the Parish office for an easy access to people who would come for help. Anybody can avail of the blood, Catholic and non-Catholic alike and even those of other religious beliefs. While we readily assist those who come, they are also required to replace the blood at a later date so that we will always have a steady supply.

This program which is being handled by our Parish Community Health Apostolate includes health education and food assistance to the poor in the parish. The night before the scheduled bloodletting in a particular parish community, an orientation about the health benefits of blood donation is given and some food items depending upon the availability of funds. On the day of the blood donation itself, rice or other goods are also given to those who donated as our expression of gratitude. It is also our hope that through this program more and more people will be encouraged to join.

If you are interested to be part of this ministry of saving lives and of charity to the poor, please contact us. Click here.