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CBCP Pastoral Exhortation: Rejoice and be glad!

Jul 17, 2018 | [post_view] Views

“Blessed are the peacemakers, they shall be called sons and daughters of God.” -Matthew 5:9   Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, do we not all aspire for the grace to be called “sons and daughters of God?” If we do so, then we must constantly strive to be peacemakers in these troubled times in our country. And that means to always strive to bring love where there is hatred, pardon where there is injury, faith where there is doubt, hope where there’s despair, light where there is darkness, and joy where there is sadness (from the prayer for peace attributed to St. Francis of Assisi). PEACE: OUR COMMON VOCATION AND MISSION Our enemies in this world are not fellow human beings, not “flesh and blood” (Eph 6:12). We do not fight our battles with guns and bullets. We do not seek protection from those who might wish to harm us by wearing bullet-proof vests, because the battles that we fight are spiritual. In these times of darkness, when there’s so much hatred and violence, when murder has become an almost daily occurrence, when people have gotten so used to exchanging insults and hurting words in the social media, we admonish the faithful to remain steadfast in our common vocation and mission to actively work for peace. But make no mistake about it; even the master said, “Not as the world gives peace do I give you peace.” (Jn 14:27). His peace is never the peace of compromise or capitulation to evil; it is also not about the absence of conflict and turmoil. Was he not rejected by his own townsfolk in Nazareth? (Lk 4:16-30) Was he not called crazy by his own relatives? (Mk 3:20-22). Was he not called a “prince of demons”? (Mk 3:22-30). Was he not called a drunkard and a lover of tax collectors and sinners? (Mt 11:19) Did he not show us how to deal with adversities when he slept in the boat, or walked on water even in the midst of a storm? (Mk 4:35-40; Mk 6:45-52) But like the apostles, we are often so easily overcome by fear and panic. Even when we’re already making baby steps on troubled waters like St. Peter, we find ourselves sinking because of our “little faith” (Mt14:31). There is nothing that can calm us down in these turbulent times except the quiet recognition of him who assured us of his abiding presence — “Be not afraid; it is I!” (Mt 14:27) THE COST OF WITNESSING TO CHRIST What is new about priests being murdered for witnessing to Christ? What is new about modern prophets being silenced by the treacherous bullets of assassins? What is new about servant leaders who are maligned because they have carried out their duties as shepherds configured to the person of their Chief Shepherd? Have you forgotten that…

LITES Ministry Team CDO Conducts Life In The Eucharist Seminar

Jun 16, 2018 | [post_view] Views

Last June 15-16, 2018, the LITES Ministry Team – CDO conducted a two-day Life in the Eucharist Seminar (LITES) for the members of the Oasis of Love Community at the Formation Center of Santuario Eucaristico – Sacred Heart Parish. LITES has six (6) modules centered on the Holy Eucharist, and is always culminated with the celebration of the Holy Mass. It is open to all adult Catholics especially those who want to know more about the Eucharist and to deepen their relationship with Jesus, the Eucharist. The air-conditioned and furnished venue was helpful to dispose the participants to listen to the talks and to move about during the activities. After the two days seminar, many of the participants from the community of Oasis of Love thankfully expressed that they learned many things about the Eucharist and that they were touched by their experiences during the prayers before the Blessed Sacrament and the Eucharistic Celebration that was led and presided by Fr. Muriel A. Uy, SSS, the Spiritual Director of LITES Team-CDO. We continue to fulfill the mission of the Church through Eucharistic Evangelization. The LITES Team looks forward to conducting more LITE Seminars to different groups/organizations in the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro especially now that the Parish Formation Center can comfortably accommodate seminars, meetings, and other similar activities. For more information about LITES you may contact Leah N. Delute, our LITES Coordinator, through this number: 09158547565. Written by: Leah N. Delute SE-SHP LITES Coordinator

Feast of the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus 2018 Celebrations

Jun 8, 2018 | [post_view] Views

The parishioners of Santuario Eucaristico celebrated the Feast of the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in a manner of Concelebrated Mass and Lay Collaborators’ Night last June 8, 2018. This year’s Fiesta Theme is inspired by the 2018 Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons’ theme: “Renewed Servant-Leaders for the New Evangelization.” We had our preparatory Triduum Masses last June 5-7, 2018 graced by generous sponsors from different ministries and parishioners of the parish. Our community in RER Phase 2 Kauswagan also had their advance celebration of the Feast of the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus last June 7, 2018 at RER Phase 2 Clubhouse presided by Fr. Froilan R. A. Briones, SSS. On the feast day, our parish had its Concelebrated Fiesta Mass at 6:00pm presided by His Excellency, Most Rev. Antonio J. Ledesma, SJ, DD together with the newly ordained Bishop of Tandag, Most Rev. Raul B. Dael, DD, Fr. Benjamin Mkeri, CCSP and our very own priests, Fr. Froilan R. A. Briones, SSS, Fr. Muriel A. Uy, SSS and Fr. Clifford B. Barrios, SSS and Rev. Kim Cabingas. During Bishop Raul’s homily, he shared that Jesus’ love is sustained and a beautiful Tagalog song of Rey Valera captures the nature of His love: “At kung hindi man dumating sa 'kin ang panahon na ako ay mahalin mo rin, asahan mong 'di ako magdaramdam kahit ako ay nasasaktan. Huwag mo lang ipagkait na ikaw ay aking mahalin.” That even in times where we find it difficult to love Him, let us still allow God to love us. As we celebrate the Feast of the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jeus, may we realize that the love of Sacred Heart will provide us the capacity and teach us to love continually even if love is not reciprocated. May we all be inspired to share and love unconditionally. After the Mass followed our 2nd Lay Collaborators’ Night and Thanksgiving Party of more than 150 ministers and volunteers at the Formation Center of the parish in gratitude to their love, service and commitment to Santuario Eucaristico. A Happy Fiesta to all! We thank God for the gift of priceless volunteers here at Santuario Eucaristico. Our prayers are always with you! Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

Corpus Christi Celebration with 1st Procession of the 12 Stations of the Eucharist

Jun 2, 2018 | [post_view] Views

In celebration to the Parish Patronal Feast of the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, we had our Fiesta Mass and 1st Eucharistic Procession of the 12 Stations of the Eucharist around the parish last June 2, 2018. Our fiesta celebration started with a Novena Mass last May 25 and ended with an Anticipated Concelebrated Mass on June 2 presided by Fr. Muriel A. Uy, SSS together with Fr. Froilan R. A. Briones, SSS and Fr. Clifford B. Barrios, SSS. After the mass, we had our 1st Procession of the 12 Stations of the Eucharist from the parish to our areas: Zone 2 Carmen, Calamansi Drive, San Roque and St. Joseph Chapels in Patag and RER Kauswagan. The 12 Stations of the Eucharist were installed in the parish last September 2016. The main purpose of this project is to promote greater devotion and understanding to the Holy Eucharist. We in Santuario Eucaristico, being the Holy Eucharist Shrine, are very much happy to provide our parish and the whole Archdiocese more information about the Holy Eucharist which is the source and summit of our Christian lives. This is living through the inspiration of this year’s Theme of the Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons which is “Renewed Servant-Leaders for the New Evangelization,” where we continue to evangelize people and through our 1st Procession, we introduce them to a new way and deeper understanding of the Holy Eucharist. May the Most Holy Body and Blood of Jesus inspire us to help each other deepen both our understanding and appreciation of the Source and Summit of our Faith: The Most Holy Eucharist. For more details about the Statiosn of the Eucharist, please click here.

A Beautiful Testimony About Mothers by Pope Francis

May 13, 2018 | [post_view] Views

We celebrate Mother's Day here in the Philippines on Sunday, May 13 A beautiful testimony about mothers by Pope Francis shared in one of his General Audience addresses. Every human person owes his or her life to a mother, and almost always owes much of what follows in life, both human and spiritual formation, to her. Yet, despite being highly lauded from a symbolic point of view — many poems, many beautiful things said poetically of her — the mother is rarely listened to or helped in daily life, rarely considered central to society in her role. Rather, often the readiness of mothers to make sacrifices for their children is taken advantage of so as to “save” on social spending. It also happens that in Christian communities the mother is not always held in the right regard, she is barely heard. Yet the centre of the life of the Church is the Mother of Jesus. Perhaps mothers, ready to sacrifice so much for their children and often for others as well, ought to be listened to more. We should understand more about their daily struggle to be efficient at work and attentive and affectionate in the family; we should better grasp what they aspire to in order to express the best and most authentic fruits of their emancipation. A mother with her children always has problems, always work. I remember there were five of us children at home, and while one was doing one thing, the other wanted to do another, and our poor mama went back and forth from one’s side to another, but she was happy. She gave us so much. Mothers are the strongest antidote to the spread of self-centred individualism. “Individual” means “what cannot be divided”. Mothers, instead, “divide” themselves, from the moment they bear a child to give him to the world and help him grow. It is they, mothers, who most hate war, which kills their children. Many times I have thought of those mothers who receive the letter: “I inform you that your son has fallen in defense of his homeland...”. The poor women! How a mother suffers! It is they who testify to the beauty of life. Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero said that mothers experience a “maternal martyrdom”. In the homily for the funeral of a priest assassinated by death squads, he said, recalling the Second Vatican Council: “We must be ready to die for our faith, even if the Lord does not grant us this honour.... Giving one’s life does not only mean being killed; giving one’s life, having the spirit of a martyr, it is in giving in duty, in silence, in prayer, in honest fulfilment of his duty; in that silence of daily life; giving one’s life little by little. Yes, like it is given by a mother, who without fear and with the…

St. Jerome Vicariate 24 Hours for the Lord Initiative

Mar 10, 2018 | [post_view] Views

As the Vicariate of St. Jerome prepares for the upcoming Holy Week 2018, a “24 Hours for the Lord” initiative was conducted last March 9-10, 2018 hosted by Santuario Eucaristico – Sacred Heart Parish. In the 2018 Lenten Message of His Holiness Pope Francis, he invited the entire Church community to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the context of Eucharistic adoration through a “24 Hours for the Lord” initiative which is inspired by the words of Psalm 130:4, “With you is forgiveness” and was declared to be conducted from Friday, March 9 to Saturday, March 10, 2018. Through a joint effort, the St. Jerome Vicariate of the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro had its 24 Hours for the Lord initiative last March 9-10, 2018 hosted by Santuario Eucaristico – Sacred Heart Parish. It began Friday morning, March 9, with the 6:00am Mass and conclude on Saturday morning, March 10, with the 6:00am Mass. In between the regular masses, we had Eucharistic Adoration, with priests from the vicariate namely: Fr. Muriel A. Uy, SSS, Fr. Clifford B. Barrios, SSS, Fr. Fermin Tan Jr., SSJV, Fr. Daniel D. Coronel, and SSJV, Msgr. Cirilo L. Isnani, PC, STL, available for confession throughout the days and night. During the initiative, a Parish Lenten Recollection attended by more than a hundred parishioners and visitors was also conducted after the 6:00pm Mass by our Shrine Rector and Parish Priest, Fr. Froilan Renato A. Briones, SSS who gave an introduction and reflection about Lent inspired by the 2018 Lenten Message of Pope Francis which sums up to Forgiveness as a gift and strength from God. That this Lenten season, may we may we learn to forgive with love. According to Pope Francis, “Lent summons us, and enables us, to come back to the Lord wholeheartedly and in every aspect of our life.” Let us ask for the grace not to tire of asking forgiveness, because He never tires of forgiving. Let us remember to spend our 365 days with the Lord’s love and mercy.

Share A Meal with Love

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It originally started from a friendly meeting over a cup of coffee by a priest and of few parishioners way back 2015. Within the meeting was the desire to share something from the little they had and share it with the children in a form of a meal. They decided to sponsor few children for breakfast there in Jollibee. Inviting other friends to do the same, they gathered 285 children. The joy was overwhelming on the part of the friends being able to give joy to the less fortunate children from the little they had. Then such experience was repeated the following year 2016 when friends gathered together to do the same and at that time inviting more friends to come and join the plan of giving joy to the less fortunate children. That time the group gathered 860 children from the parish and have them enjoy their breakfast in Jollibee. However, the joy on the part of the friends who sponsor for breakfast was more overwhelming than that of the children. Christmas for them is more meaningful knowing that they give joy and smile to the less fortunate children. Over a cup of coffee, once again the group gathered together for a meeting last November 2017 and dicusses the coming Christmas activity for the children. This time more friends are coming out voluntarily to join the activity of giving joy to the children. As the plan of the activity is getting to its close, the number of children to be given breakfast reached 2,070. So, four days were alloted for the activity, Dec. 19-22. The group facilitated the children on the first two days in Jollibee, then the second two days were in McDonalds. It's a bit tiring experience for four days, but the joy is overwhelming. Christmas is more meaningful and fulfilling for joy is given especially to the needy. Christmas is giving life. And this reality comes from the gift of Jesus that we receive from the Father. We receive and we want also to share. And when we share we give life. And when we give life there is overwhelming joy. Let us give life and love on Christmas. Fr.Muriel Uy, SSS Santuario Eucaristico-Sacred Heart Parish R.N.Pelaez Blvd. Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City

7th Archdiocesan Eucharistic Congress celebrated on Corpus Christi

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"In everything, love and serve the Lord." In accordance to our commitment to serve the people of God in our prophetic mission, the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro once again gather and celebrated the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, also known as Corpus Christi through the 7th Archdiocesan Eucharistic Congress with the theme: "Eucharist: Sacrament of Communion" in Santuario Eucaristico - Sacred Heart Parish last June 17, 2017. Santuario Eucaristico in coordination with the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro Commission on Liturgy further celebrated their Patronal Feast, which is the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ or Corpus Christi as they hosted the 7th Archdiocesan Eucharistic Congress in their parish for the 4th time now since 2014 during their their last preparatory Novena Mass last June 17. This year, in celebration of the CBCP Year of the Parish, our congress theme is "Eucharist: Sacrament of Communion" by our resource speaker Fr. Manoling Francisco, SJ, who is known to be one of the most gifted liturgical musicians in the country and composer of the famous songs like Tanging Yaman, In Him Alone, and Tinapay ng Buhay. In His talk, he emphasized Communion in three (3) parts: Rooted in Jesus Christ, Overcomes Divisions, and For Mission. Eucharist as Sacrament of Communion must be rooted in Jesus Christ and thus allows us to overcome divisions of any kind and invite us to become Christ to others & to recognize Christ in others. Especially in the situation we have now in Marawi City, where our Muslim brothers and sisters are in great need. The Christian who takes part in the Eucharist learns to become a promoter of communion, peace and solidarity in every situation” (JPII, Mane Nobiscum Domine, 2004). By the end of the talk, he invited the delegates to Pray the Oratio Imperata for Peace followed by the Open Forum. Then we proceed with the Holy Hour with Vespers and Benediction followed by the Concelebrated Mass presided by Msgr. Perseus Cabunoc, SSJV and other concelebrating priests present in the congress. The mass concluded with a Eucharistic Procession to St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral. From then on, all the parishes under the Archdiocese came and adored according to their Nocturnal Adoration schedule up until 12 midnight. In Fr. Manoling Francisco's song, the lyrics says "Ikaw Hesus, ang Tinapay ng Buhay. Binasbasan, hinati't inialay." Yes, Jesus is truly the bread, blessed and broken for us all. May we all take part and share Jesus to others. Another successful Eucharistic Congress for the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro! Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament, have mercy on us!