Service Programs

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    How the Systems Works
    The parish, in coordination with the area coordinators, campaigns for blood donors in a specific area in the parish where the bloodletting will be done. Once the people are informed, the Parish Community Health Team goes to that area to give an orientation about the health benefits of blood donation and to answer questions related to the topic and to health in general. It is hoped that as people are enlightened they will decide to donate. The next day is the bloodletting which is handled by Philippine Red Cross (PRC). The blood is of course deposited at the PRC Blood Bank. The donors are requested to have their blood donor cards be kept at the parish office so that whoever may need blood can easily request for it. Those who request for blood are also required to replace the blood later and join in the bloodletting. So that the parish will always blood donors cards, the bloodletting is done every month in the different areas of the parish.

    In Parnership with Philippine Army
    This program is done in partnership with the Philippine Army 4th ID Light Armor Unit at Patag. They help us search for donors and bring them to the venue since they also have other partners. Corporal Works of Mercy through Rice Distribution This blood donation program is also the venue which the parish extend charity to her parishioners. Those who come to the blood donation orientation are given a kilo or 2 of rice. And those who have actually donated will also be given rice. This is our way of living out the corporal works of mercy as stipulated in our Parish Mission Statement. We are hoping that through this system people are encouraged to join the program.

    An Experience of God
    By having these activities in the areas, even without teaching the people about God, it is hope that they will experience God. The organizers let them feel that it is out of love of God and His people that this program is done. Our partners in the program including thePhilippine Red Cross are also given this same God experience. For those who would benefit from this, it is an answered prayer. The patient and his family and friends would be thankful to God for this program.

    An Appeal for Partnership
    If you are interested to be one of our partners, you can do one of these:
    1. Be a blood donor
    2. Bring a your friends to donate blood
    3. Be a rice donor
    4. You can donate any amount

  • In our society today, we are well aware of the fact that some of our brothers and sisters who are baptized as Roman Catholics are not living the Catholic faith. This is for the reason that they were baptized but not guided as they grew up. With this kind of problem, Santuario Eucaristico together with our parish priest and catechists knew that there was a need for further reach out and evangelization. A program that will allow volunteers to visit areas around the parish and teach the old and young.
    In response to this, our parish had a collaboration with Barangay Patag to have a so called "Values Formation and Rice Giving for the Poor" scheduled every afternoon of the 3rd Friday of the Month. The program works by having volunteers collecting a list of indigents under the zone where the seminar will take place. These indigents will be gathered in an area where a 30 minute to 1 hour basic catechism on how to make the sign of the cross, the importance of the Sacrament of the Eucharist and mass schedules under the chapel they are part of will be given. After which follows the snacks distribution to the children together with the Rice Distribution to the Adults.

    Until now, it has been almost two (2) years and we've made countless seminars since 2014 and we are thankful for the continued success of this program.