Love for God

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out of love for God

Memorial of Saint Teresa of Jesus, Virgin and Doctor of the Church



First Reading: GAL 5:18-25

Responsorial Psalm:  PS 1:1-2, 3, 4 AND 6

Gospel: LK 11:42-46



In the Jewish society, people look up to Pharisees and Scholars of the Law as religious authorities. They see them as blessed since they serve God. They even show that they are faithful to the practices of their religion. Though people saw them as blessed, Jesus called them out,

“Woe to you Pharisees!
You pay tithes of mint and of rue and of every garden herb,
but you pay no attention to judgment and to love for God.”

Jesus even commended their faithfulness in paying their tithes of the products of the land. Yet, they neglected what matters most, love for God. They may be faithful to many practices but these practices are devoid of love. Indeed, they deserve the woes of Jesus. They are not blessed at all. Because of their self righteousness, it is easy for them to separate themselves from others who for them are sinful. There is no justice in them since by regarding righteous, they accuse others are unrighteous.

Jesus told them, “These you should have done, without overlooking the others.”  Jesus was referring to love for God. They should have live their religion out of love for God.

We are then reminded that in our religious practices, our acts of charity, even our tithing must be done out of love for God.


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