Liturgical Music Seminar 2017

Aug 21, 2017 | [post_view] Views


According to St. Augustine, “To sing is to pray twice.” To fully fulfill their duty as choirs in our parish, our Music Ministry has facilitated a Liturgical Music Seminar last August 21 to refresh our old members and to give basic orientation the new members about the proper Music of the Liturgy.

Liturgical Seminar
Music Ministry

Each month, we have our Music Ministry meeting for our Sunday Mass repertoire for the upcoming month. This is for the purpose of fully delivering the message of the readings and gospel of the day to the community therefore fulfilling our mission to evangelize through singing. In our parish we have a total of 7 Choirs. Fill Chorus, D&M Choir and Blessed Sacrament Youth Choir from the shrine, San Roque Youth Choir from San Roque Chapel and St. Joseph Choir Group 1, Group 3 and St. Joseph Youth Choir from St. Joseph Chapel.

We thank our music ministers for their love and commitment to our parish and for taking the extra mile in learning and valuing Liturgical Music in service. Kudos!