IEC 2016 Materials


IEC2016 logoHere are some materials you can use in your diocese, parish or school to prepare for the International Eucharistic Congress 2016 in Cebu. These materials are given by the IEC 2016 committee. I am just sharing it here for easy distribution. The videos are taken from youtube.

They are made available for download at MediaFire.

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This download contains:


  1. IEC Primer – 6 MB
  2. The Holy Eucharist (catechetical material) – 18 MB



  1. International Eucharistic Congress Primer     (length  00:5:14,  Size: 22 MB)
  2. IEC Theme Song     (length  00:7:15,  size: 21 MB)
  3. IEC Official Logo     (length  00:2:20,  Size: 7 MB)
  4. Images of Faith     (length  00:7:27,  Size: 24 MB)
  5. Piso Para sa Misa ng Mundo     (length  00:6:23,  Size:21 MB)
  6. IEC 2016 Infomercial     (length  00:1:32,  Size: 80 MB)
  7. IEC Primer Combined     (length  00:20:40,  size: 82 MB)