Hypocrites at Church

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Blind guides

Monday of the Twenty-first Week in Ordinary Time

August 25, 2014



First Reading: 2 THES 1:1-5, 11-12

Responsorial Psalm: PS 96:1-2A, 2B-3, 4-5

Gospel: MT 23:13-22


In today’s Gospel, Jesus is now becoming stronger in his attacks at the scribes and Pharisees. This polemic is a warning for the disciples against their hypocrisy. Jesus even outlined it in details. This hypocrisy has caused the destruction of the lives of the people. Below are their hypocrisy that lock the Kingdom of Heaven and prevented themselves and others from entering. They are these days hypocrites at church.

They make their converts “a child of Gehenna” much worse than themselves.  They made their converts carry burdensome laws which complicated the more essential matters of religion. They lead the people to disobey the spirit of the law bringing them to Pharisaism rather than to God.  

Jesus called them blind guides because what they require the people to do are contrary to the truth about what God wants. Because of this, Jesus castigated them in their ways of making oaths and promises. Making an oath built on God is binding, yet the Pharisees has found a way to get around it and not be tied with the obligations.  They led the people to this kind of religious  practice which for Jesus is completely deviating from the real essence of offering a gift at the altar.  As Jesus also said that they are blind guiding the blind. Both will surely fall into a pit which is their hypocrisy. They want everybody to jump into it by making them carry the heavy burden of the laws and punishing those who would disobey. They are truly hypocrites.

As Jesus warned His disciples against this, He is also reminding us today not to be hypocrites.  But sad to say, the church is filled with people like that.  They do not do what they profess and celebrate. They are hypocrites at church.

When I was young back in my hometown in Ozamiz, I was already a daily mass-goer. And I hear many people say that they do not go to Mass anymore because the people at Mass are hypocrites. What they mean is that what they see in the daily lives of these people are not congruent with their faith. They seem so holy during Mass but in their homes, in their place of work, among their friends they behave like the Pharisees.  This kind of hypocrisy drives away many people from God locking the Kingdom of Heaven.

I pray that I am not one of them.  Are you one of them? I hope not too. Let us then do our very best to be truthful and faithful Catholic Christians in word and in deed, in and outside Mass. Let us not be hypocrites at church.


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