How to Receive More Blessings

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Memorial of Saint Clare, Virgin

August 11, 2014



First Reading: EZ 1:2-5, 24-28C

Responsorial Psalm: PS 148:1-2, 11-12, 13, 14

Gospel: MT 17:22-27



Peter, in our Gospel today, was confronted by the collectors of the temple tax. Even if he knew that they should not be paying but he approached Jesus about this anyway. Jesus on the other hand, knew as well as Peter do that only foreigners pay the tax and not the locals. But Jesus did not want to offend the temple tax collectors. He told Peter to go and fish which is something familiar to Peter for he was a fisherman.  He probably thought at first that he would sell the fish and use the proceeds to pay the tax.  But Jesus told him to take a coin out of the mouth the fish he would catch, which is something ridiculous. It may seem that Jesus was joking but He was not. He wants Peter to trust Him and take it as it is.  And Peter obeyed. He did as Jesus told him. He was able to get a coin from the mouth of the fish and used it to pay the temple tax for Jesus and for himself. Let us take note that the coin was for Peter alone, it was for both of them.

Here, we can clearly understand one of the many ways how to receive blessings from God, that is, doing what Jesus wants from us. Yes, He provides what we need but He requires our cooperation. If we obey him and do what He wants, we will receive what we want if it is aligned with what He wants.  However, let us remember that the blessings God gives to those who obey Him are not only for us but also for Himself.  The coin Peter got from the mouth of the fish was not only for him but Jesus as well.

The task God requires from us is not something unfamiliar. It is something that we already know. Jesus told Peter to go and fish because fishing is something easy for Peter to do. God, then, does not ask from us what we cannot do, and because of this we do not have reasons to disobey.  He knows what we are capable of because he is the one who created us and bestows upon us gifts of intelligence, abilities, talents, etc… We only have to do as He tells us because we can do what he requires from us.Hoffman-ChristAndTheRichYoungRuler

We can now extract some kind of formula about how to receive blessings from God. It is a formula that everybody already knows about but may find it difficult to do: Obedience. It is by obeying God, doing what he wants, following His precepts and commandments, living a life according to His plans that we will receive blessings from Him.

And let us remember that God requires half of what He gives. If we are generous to God, He will be generous to us.  He is even way more generous than us, for He cannot be outdone in His generosity.  The more we are generous to God, the more He is generous to us. Now, this is another formula: Generosity to God.

The answer to the question “How to receive more blessings?” then is plain and simple: Obedience and Generosity to God. If you ask blessings from God, obey Him and be generous to Him.


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