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Free Clinic, Chapel Blessing and a Conference

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In the past week, we were not able to post anything. And so I decided to post what had been since the last post about Lumen Fidei download. I hope you have downloaded and read it already. Since the last post, we had 2 activities that were not recorded. Below are the activities.

Healing Mass and Free Medico-Dental Clinic

As usual, second Friday of the Month, we celebrated the Healing Mass and conducted a Free Medico-Dental Clinic for the poor. There were about 40 families and about 120 individuals including children who came. The volunteers became so busy right after the Mass though only a few attended the Healing Mass. Soon, many special guests arrived. They were quite late because they are from other parishes which are relatively far. Some of the newly passed nursing board takers volunteered. They graduated from Xavier University, Capitol University and Liceo de Cagayan University. There were 3 doctors attended to our special guests namely Dr. Edna Eugenio, Dr. Gina Bulanio and Dr. Lourdes Mendoza. They are our regular volunteer physicians who find meaning in their medical profession here are Santuario Eucaristico.

At around 11am, when the clinic was closing for the day, the feeding was opened. Some guests waited for this. So they had their fill as food were distributed by yet another group of active lay leaders in the parish. They are able to serve more than 100 individuals including children.

We are so grateful to our benefactors for helping us continue this program for the poor. We pray that God may continue to send us generous benefactors in the coming months.


San Roque Chapel Blessing

The San Roque Chapel, Sacred Heart Parish was blessed today by Fr. Joel Lasutaz, SSS., the Parish Priest who was officially delegated by Archbishop Antonio Ledesma to officiate the Blessing. The blessing was done during the Fiesta Mass of San Roque, the Patron Saint of the Chapel. This chapel was constructed 64 years ago. The renovation was done in different years but the present beautiful structure was started in 2004. All through these years the people in the community celebrated Mass in a chapel which was not blessed. This was the only time the chapel and the altar were blessed.


Eucharistic Conference

Tomorrow is the schedule monthly Eucharistic Conference, which is now alternate with Bible Conference. The conference will focus on the Parts of the Mass Explained. This will be a continuation of the Eucharistic Conference last July. Br. Dennis Marques, SSS will speak and explain about the Offertory (Presentation of the Gifts) up to the part of the Dismissal. Let us pray that many will come to learn more about our faith espcially in the Holy Eucharist.

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