Flores de Mayo 2016 Culmination

Jun 16, 2016 | [post_view] Views


Most of our Youth Volunteers here at the shrine are the by-products of Flores de Mayo years ago. Now, they’ve grown up to be responsible adults who volunteered themselves to be a catechists who passionately give their time to teaching children about the Catholic faith. This year, after all the preparations and month-long catechesis, we successful had our culminating activity last May 30, 2016.

The program started with a Holy Rosary led by Sr. Marge Manabat, TMM followed by the offering of the AVE MARIA letters by our dear little angels who sung the Ave Maria song each time a prayer is said in honor of every letter offered.

After completing the letters, it was then time for the “Halad sa Bulak kang Mama Maria” or the offering of flowers to Mother Mary.

When it was done, the kids were then prepared for the Culmination Mass which was presided by Fr. Joel R. Lasutaz, SSS who passionately delivered his homily and interactively asked questions to the children. When the mass has ended, a group picture was taken with Fr. Joel and Sr. Marge.

Then the culminating activity took place at the entrance of the shrine and started with an opening prayer by the San Roque kids. Series of clap and cheers were made for the opening of the program. A simple acknowledgement of priests present in the activity and special awards were given to the kids. Alternatively, there were fun presentations from Santuario Eucaristico, St. Joseph Chapel and San Roque Chapel. The activity concluded with a community song entitled: “Panalangin sa Ina ng Santo Rosario by Jamie Rivera. The program ended with the distribution of school supplies and a group picture.

On behalf of Santuario Eucaristico, we would like to thank our volunteer catechists, MSE Cagayan de Oro, Natasha and all our Anonymous sponsors who help made this Flores de Mayo 2016 culmination successful.