Eucharistic Shrine Hashtag

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This above word is our shrine’s hashtag. We may ask, what is a hashtag? A hashtag is anyword with a “#” symbol before chosen keywords like #eucharisticshrine or #eucharist or #holycommunion. It is a powerful tool as it creates a community of like minded individuals and targets your posts to this community who are interested with the concept behind those words. The hashtags are used commonly in Twitter, Tout,,  Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Google+ or Facebook (see wikipedia). But there wordpress or blogspot sites that use hashtags in their cloud tags. When it is used by different people in their social media posts, it becomes a sort of a category. Once post will then be among those belonging to a particular hashtag.

And so by using a hashtag #eucharisticshrine, we are bring people together to love Jesus through the Santuario Eucaristico. I would like to ask all those who read this post to use our hashtag and please do request your family, relatives, friends, schoolmates and classmates and officemates to do the same especially when their posts are spiritual in nature. This also brings us to the website of the shrine thereby bringing more people to the source of our Christian faith, that is the Holy Eucharist. You can check here if you would like to know the current trend of this hashtag. Again by using this, you will help increase its popularity.

Hashtag is created by Chris Messina.  He started to use this on Twitter sometime in August 2007. From there it spreads to other social network sites as many social media users are using this to categorize and promote their posts to a particular group using the same hashtag .  From then it progresses into a one of the most effective ways to engage with people of the same interest.

This is truly helpful to all those who are blogging to promote their sites and to those who are in the business of making money online.   And this is especially helpful to promote our Christian Faith. I encourage everyone to make use of available hashtags which are already in use and have gained a following.

Again, please use #eucharisticshrine and help us promote this to your FB friends and Twitter followers.

Here are hashtags related to the Eucharist: #eucharist #holyeucharist, #holycommunion #catholic #catholicchurch #liturgy #romancatholic