Eucharistic Conference August 2015

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As part of the preparation for the upcoming 51st International Eucharistic Conference on January 2016, a second conference was successfully given last August 15, 2015 by Fr. Poli Ty, SSS with the theme: Eucharist as Mission, Mission as Dialogue. Below is an excerpt of the talk he gave.

Eucharist as Giving Thanks

Eucharist comes from the greek word “EU (good) – CHARIS (gift)” which means “To give thanks”. As a source, Fr. Poli Ty emphasized that before we do thanksgiving, we must open our eyes to recognize the wonders God continuously receal to us.

As goal, we encouraged our brothers and sisters to celebrate their giftedness of others by being a blessing itself. We live the gospel joyfully.

Eucharist as Memorial of Sacrifice of Christ

The Eucharist is also a Memorial of the Sacrifice of Christ but it should be clear to us all that it is not solely a recollection of past events but also the proclamation of the mighty works of God present in our lives. To “re-member” is become a member again, meaning, to once again be part of a reality, a body. Jesus sacrifice His life for our salvation, to Sacrifice is “To be made holy”. And so, whenever we unite ourselves with the offering of Jesus, we make an offering of ourselves by which we are made holy. The Eucharist is the Sacrament of God’s love!

As source, we were made holy by our Lord’s sacrifice and so the Eucharist serves as our source of courage and strength. As a goal, we say Yes as people redeemed by Christ’s death and resurrection.

Eucharist as sacrament of God’s Presence

Fr. Poli Ty listed some of the ways that Christ is present to His Chruch through the following sacraments:
– In the assembly that have gathered to celebrate
– In His words that is proclaimed
– In the ministers who preside
– Most specially in the Eucharistic species, the bread and wine transformed to His Body and Blood.

It was emphasized that the Eucharist is not a sign, not symbol and not a presentation but it is the actual presence of Christ which encourage us to become what we receive, the Body of Christ. Therefore, we are transformed to be the living presence of Christ whose goal is to encourage others and the community to become witnesses of God’s loving presence.

Eucharist as Paschal Banquet

Jesus established a new covenant which is His relationship with us as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Whenever we do this in memory of him, we participate in the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ.

In the Eucharist, we experience and celebrate what it means to be God’s People, His Church. Therefore as source, we celebrate the Pashcal Mystery and we are in communion with Christ. As goal, we are sent to be bread broken for others.

Concluding Message:

“The offer of life and love by the Father in Jesus Christ is what we celebrate at every Eucharist. This is what we proclaim when we evangelize. This is the Good News of our Salvation.”

For those who would like to join our next conference, here’s the schedule:
September 19, 2015
8:30AM-11:00AM @ Santuarion Eucaristico
Theme: The Eucharist and the Dialogue of Cultures

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