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Resurrection is the victory of Jesus from His death on the cross and his way of giving to man the gift of new life. From the darkness of our sins we receive the light of the newness of life and it is freely given to us by our Lord and Savior. We experience this and we feel like being new creations free from the stain of sin. Oftentimes we wonder why the Lord is offering his life on the cross for us. Is it because we are worthy? Precisely we are not. But why the Lord is offering his life on the cross for us? It is because of one thing- he loves us. And this love brings him to the cross so that we can have life. Jesus can show us his love for us without dying on the cross. Yes, he can do that. However, he prefers to die on the cross so that we can understand that his love for us is not only in words but in deed. And through this death on the cross he teaches us further that to love is to sacrifice even to the point of death for the sake of the beloved. And St Peter Julian Eymard is right in saying that, “True love is self -forgetful, devoted, perpetually self- sacrificing, not through self-interest and effort but with joy, finding its sole happiness in pleasing others.” He endures the pain and shame on the cross and we enjoy the fruit of this and that is the new life. He embraces death that we may have life, a life to the full.

This newness of life that we oftentimes called Easter grace makes us pleasing before the eyes of the Father once again. Therefore it is but good for us to celebrate and thank the Lord. The whole creation must be shouting for joy and must be in a state merriment because of this wonderful gift that is received.

Some reflections are showing the links between the Season of Easter and the Season of Spring. They have similarities actually. Easter is the move from death to the resurrection and is linked with spring when flowers begin to burst forth from the soil. And by seeing the link we can observe that both reveal and point to the newness of life after waiting, planting, hoping, and watching. While autumn may seem more beautiful, we hear it said that as we get older, we enjoy and appreciate spring even more than autumn. Spring points the way to new life. And in spring the season is very inviting for us to experience outdoor, to come to new life, and so be in accord with what is going on in nature around us. We have managed, survived, and even conquered the winter of our life.

Emily Dickinson once talking about the season of spring and connects it to the resurrection. She describes the season of spring as “this whole experiment of green…” And by saying “this whole experiment of green”, she is talking about life that the said season brings. And just as the season of spring brings life, so as the resurrection brings the newness of life to the rest of the humanity. Life is bursting forth, with fragrance and color, and above all with green in this Easter season. It is but good to discover, recover, and keep the greenness of life alive deep within us.

And as we receive this Easter grace we are also challenged to remain faithful to Him so that we can keep this grace of new life, the greenness of life in us alive. And like what one author says, “We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song,” let us be forever singing the love and goodness of the Lord in us. Happy Easter!

Written by:
Rev. Fr. Muriel A. Uy, SSS
Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament