Donate Blood, Save Lives

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Once again, Santuario Eucaristico – Sacred Heart Parish successfully conducted its monthly life-saving activity. The bloodletting program is held every 4th Saturday of the month from 8 until 11 in the morning. It is made possible with the help of the Philippine Red Cross and its volunteers, and of course, with the heartfelt participation of the donors, men and women. Those who donated last September 28, 2013 were mostly parishioners and soldiers from the Light Armor Cavalry Troop (S), Philippine Army, Camp Evangelista, Patag led by their Commanding Officer, Major Edmon Bandilla.

Stream of Blood, a River of Life

Generosity that runs in the blood, lives in the soul and beats in the heart. Indeed, people were so generous that the Parish was able to collect 17 bags of blood for half a day. True to their commitment, the blood donors came early in order to have a physical check-up which was permormed by Dr. Tiro. Evident on their faces was the beauty of eagerness, willingness, and happiness to help others. “Okay kaayo, kay makalimpyo sa akong dugo, ug makatabang pud sa uban tao,” (it is very okay since it cleanses my blood and I am also able to help others) stated by Mr. Yenz Rey, a regular Mass goer, when asked what he felt after donating blood.

A Christian Obligation

To help the poor and the needy is one of our obligations as Christians. We can do this in many simple ways, and donating blood is among the many. Santuario Eucaristico, in her mission statement“ to respond to the hungers of the human family especially the poor by doing the corporal works of mercy out of love of God,” shares this mission with her stakeholders, the Philippine Red Cross and the Blood Donors so that they too may fulfill their Christian obligations, at least in this little way.

We continue to pray that more and more people will be encouraged to do the same thing as the others did — donate blood and save lives.

Need Help?

If you are located in Cagayan de Oro City or in the nearby places and are in need of blood transfusion for yourself or your loved ones or friends, you can come to our office and we will be very glad to help you with the bags of blood we have collected.

We would like also to request you to help us in our blood donation program by donating blood yourself and bringing others to donate.

Please look for Ms. Zuziez Rosete, our Parish Blood Program Coordinator at the Parish Office.

Stena Stoon