Dining at the Kingdom

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Memorial of Saint Pius X, Pope

August 21, 2014



First Reading: EZ 36:23-28

Responsorial Psalm:  PS 51:12-13, 14-15, 18-19

Gospel: MT 22:1-14


Jesus in our Gospel today told His disciples another parable to teach them about the Kingdom of Heaven. In the parable, the wedding banquet the king gave for his son refers to the Holy Eucharist, which is the banquet of God’s Kingdom here on earth. Like in the parable, all of His people are invited to dine but many declines the invitation. They have so many excuses not to accept it. They prefer to do other things than dining at God’s Kingdom, the Holy Eucharist.

Today, there are so many Catholics who do not go Mass every Sunday. They prioritize other things instead of God. Doing things on a Sunday like washing clothes, watching over their children, going to malls, beaches, parties, or even to a business meeting, etc. Others even work on a Sunday to earn a living.  All of these things and many others people do are not bad at all. But if they use these to excuse themselves from going to Mass, there lies the problem.  For them, Mass is not as important as the things they prefer to do. Mass is just a waste of time.

The king got so angry at the invited that did not come. “The Gospel tells us that “the king was enraged and sent his troops, destroyed those murderers, and burned their city.”  It is not that God will kill us.  Instead, it is our action, our rejection of His invitation that destroys us. We destroy ourselves because we refuse to receive the life that God gives to everyone who partakes at the Meal.

The parable continues to tell us that the king had his servants invite as many people as they can. The king said “the feast is ready, but those who were invited were not worthy to come. Go out, therefore, into the main roads and invite to the feast whomever you find.”  The servants called many and it filled the place. with guests.   But something happened. The king noticed that one was not appropriately dressed for the occasion.  The king then had him tied and casted into the darkness outside.

One lesson is clear, that when we go for Mass, we prepare ourselves well. We dress appropriately for this most august celebration, a heavenly banquet at that. Yet, some people come  to Mass in their sports attire, party attire or sleeping attire. Women wearing short shorts, sleeveless, plunging neckline, exposing their skin come for Mass.  They attract attention to themselves. Because of this many would be distracted at Mass. The same thing men do as well. They do not wear a decent clothing for this very special banquet. Wearing indecent attire at Mass is a disrespect to God, to His people and to the sacred place.  This may be is just a physical preparation but is utmost importance as Jesus emphasized in the parable. 

Moreover, there are other things we need to do to prepare for Mass like helping each other at home to get ready for Mass, reading the day’s Mass Readings ahead, perhaps even sharing the Word of God in the family, praying before going to Church, coming together as a family, forgiving those who offended us, arriving at Church before the Mass starts (i.e. being punctual) and many others. We prepare ourselves physically and spiritually for the Holy Eucharist. This is dining at the Kingdom here on earth.

God who sees us accepting his invitation with gladness in our hearts, though we are not worthy to partake of so great a mystery, will surely rejoice at bestowing upon us the joy of having to join the fullness of the Banquet in His Kingdom when the time comes.


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