Deepening One’s Understanding and Appreciation of The Bible

On July 20, 2013, the Bible Conference successfully commenced in Santuario Eucaristico – Sacred Heart Parish with the speakership of  Father Joel R. Lasutaz, SSS, Parish priest. With God’s blessing, it was graced by  a number of parishioners who were zealous to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the Sacred Scripture: the Bible. The talk started at exactly nine in the morning. As I sat on the pew, I saw mixed emotions painted on the faces of the people who were there. Some were curious and inquisitive, others were serious and intent, while many were happy and earnest. So I thought, “I’m right where God wants me to be.”

Fortunate enough, I was one of the many who were blessed to attend the said conference. Blessed because it was a great opportunity for me to be enlightened. Like many other Christians who hunger for truth, I have my own questions running through my mind that remained unanswered. Like how, why, who and when was the Bible made? Who were the authors and why did they write it? How can a human being be so sure of what he has written in the Sacred Scripture? How is it possible that thousands of years ago, when the authors were at different times and places, they seem to have commonalities in writing: to mention, writing the history of salvation? These are just some of the many questions lingering inside me. Not all were answered yet or may not even be answered at all. However, I am very happy that at least a number was clarified and it made me realize that in many points it is better to understand than to just know.

It was enlightening for me to know that the authors of the Sacred Scripture, who were human being themselves, were all instruments of God. God is the principal author. Nevertheless, He wanted us to understand it. Then I learned that He intended to breathe in the Holy Spirit to the human authors so that the authors could comprehend what God wanted them to write and nothing more. Thus, this made the authors  and the Sacred Scripture itself, inspired by the words of God.

Along with it, what seemed to be unfathomable became fathomable, the Bible  is written absolutely without err. It is the Holy Spirit who guided the human authors to use the appropriate language, varied literature styles, and expressions to describe what God wanted to be written. Furthermore,  it was also discussed in the conference that the Bible  is perceived by the Catholics as the inspired word of God, living word of God and infallible word of God. It serves as the guide in expressing the faith of the Church through the Sacred Tradition. Thus, the Bible is and will always be completely without mistake.

This new acquired knowledge is overwhelming and yet it made me search for more. The Bible Conference  satisfied the hunger I have for the answers to my questions, the hunger for truth. However, my journey in deepening my understanding and appreciation about the Sacred Scripture has just begun. It will still continue on the succeeding Bible Conferences in Santuario Eucaristico every 3rd Saturday of the month alternate with the Eucharistic Conference. I’m hoping that along the way, I will meet more people  who, like me, and perhaps like you, are enthusiastic to be nurtured of God’s wondrous deeds. Undeniably, attending the Bible Conference is a milestone in strengthening my faith in God. (Stena Stoon)

Here are some pictures taken during the Bible Conference.

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