Holy Week 2016: Celebrating the Greatest Love of All

Apr 14, 2016 | [post_view] Views


Every year, the Catholic Church commemorates the Paschal Mystery of Christ which is the greatest symbol of the Love of God. On our end, our parish also participated in the death and resurrection of Jesus through the Holy Week Activities that we celebrated as one community and family.

As we look back to our Lenten journey this year, we marked the beginning of the Season of Lent in the Ash Wednesday celebration that reminded us to repent and believe in the Gospel of Christ. After that, we had our 40 Days Lenten Retreat through reading gospel reflections for 40 days which ended on Palm Sunday. There were more or less 60 individuals who surpassed the 40 days retreat with the help of our distributed daily prayers. Then came the real deal, the Holy Week. The first three days of the week were disposed for practices and preparations. On Holy Thursday we had our Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper where we celebrate the commemoration of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ where the Holy Communion was established. After the mass follows the vigil before the Blessed Sacrament reposed. This is the part where most of our Catholic brothers and sisters do the traditional “Visita Iglesia” which is the visitation of 7 separate churches/chapels/parishes. The celebration continued with the Station of the Cross at dawn and the 3:00PM Celebration of the Lord’s Passion where the Veneration of the Cross and Procession took place. We then proceeded with the Easter Vigil in the Holy Night of Easter where we had the four parts including the Adult Baptism. In completion to the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ, we had our Easter Sunday of the Lord’s Resurrection celebration where the dawn procession, encuentro and mass were joyfully celebrated.

With all these celebrations that we commemorate each year, may we continue to grow spiritually and further realize that these are what we call celebrations of the Love of God to all of us. That in life, we will experience joy, sadness and pain but we must be always reminded that in our suffering and happiness, we join Jesus Christ in His suffering, death and resurrection. We are blessed and so we must never give up on our faith.