Ceiling Renovation Started

Aug 7, 2014 | [post_view] Views

santuario eucaristico ceiling plan

Finally, after 3 weeks of preparation, the ceiling renovation is underway. During this preparation,  7 sets bamboo scaffolding were installed. These will be moved to the next sections of the ceiling ones one section is done.

On August 4, workers came to start the project. In the past days, they finish off the clearing of the broken ceiling so that they can lay out the structure.


Pledges for the Ceiling Opened: An Investment Opportunity

On July 27, the fund-raising campaign for the renovation commenced through a Pledge Form. This pledge form is actually an investment form where donors invest their money for the project. Since this is an investment, donors do not lose their treasure but invested to grow. As an investment for the building up of God’s Kingdom here one earth, the returns are plenty. Jesus said in the Gospel of St. Luke,

“I tell you, make friends for yourselves with dishonest wealth, so that when it fails, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings. The person who is trustworthy in very small matters is also trustworthy in greattreasure_chest ones; and the person who is dishonest in very small matters is also dishonest in great ones. If, therefore, you are not trustworthy with dishonest wealth, who will trust you with true wealth?” Luke 16:9-11

These returns are heavenly, which comes with a special bonus of blessings here on earth like good health, solution to a problem, financial blessings, good relationships, peace, etc.

This fund raising, therefore, is not entirely about funding the ceiling alone but it is funding your heavenly treasure chest so that when material wealth fails, when it fades, when we leave it behind at our death, we have accumulated a lot of treasures that will last, the “true wealth”. This kind of wealth will bring us to our eternal dwelling.

This renovation is for you, for your shrine and for your life here on earth and in heaven. So, invest today. Invest more and you will earn more.


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