St. Joseph Chapel Celebrates its 53rd Feast with a Mass Wedding and Baptism

Mar 19, 2018 | [post_view] Views

Viva Señor San Jose! As we celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph, the Husband of Mary and Patron of the Universal Church, St. Joseph Chapel in Patag 6th Division successfully celebrated their 53rd Feast with a Mass Wedding of three (3) couples and Baptism of eleven (11) children.

St. Jerome Vicariate Celebrates National Catechetical Month 2017

Oct 19, 2017 | [post_view] Views

As we truly embrace the contribution of catechists in the life of our parish with this month’s theme CATECHISTS: AGENTS OF RENEWAL IN THE PARISH, St. Jerome Vicariate lead up to National Catechetical Month Culmination last September 28, 2017, at Country Village Hotel, Carmen Cagayan de Oro City.

Liturgical Music Seminar 2017

Aug 21, 2017 | [post_view] Views

To fully fulfill their duty as choirs in our parish, our Music Ministry has facilitated a Liturgical Music Seminar last August 21 to refresh our old members and to give basic orientation the new members about the proper Music of the Liturgy.

Santuario Celebrates Parish Lay Collaborator’s Night and Thanksgiving Party

Jan 13, 2017 | [post_view] Views

This year, as we start the year 2017, we had our 6th Parish Lay Collaborator’s Night and Thanksgiving Party last January 13, 2016 at Country Village Hotel in gratitude to the love, service and commitment our collaborators had dedicated to Santuario Eucaristico for the year 2016.

Santuario Youth participates in Archdiocesan Youth Day 2016

Nov 23, 2016 | [post_view] Views

We congratulate our 16 Youth delegates for successfully participating and representing Santuario Eucaristico and St. Jerome Vicariate in the recent Archdiocesan Youth Day last October 27-29, 2016 at Sta. Rita de Cascia Parish in Gingoog, Misamis Oriental with the theme: The Filipino Youth: Missionary Disciples of the Eucharist.

First Music Ministry Outing

May 26, 2016 | [post_view] Views

For all these years, our music ministers from the parish and other two chapels have given their genuine service to the Lord though sharing their time and talents in playing instruments and singing. This year, we hold the first Music Ministry Outing in San Isidro Beach Resort Initao involving all choirs in the parish namely: FILL Chorus, Blessed Sacrament Youth Choir, St. Joseph Youth Choir, St. Joseph Choir and San Roque Youth Choir.