My Soul Is Thirsting for You, O Lord My God

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For Aug 31, 201422nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A)(Ps 63:2, 3-4, 5-6, 8-9)

Social Media Spirituality

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July Pastoral Ministries

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This July, we had the following ministries done. They are, however, our regular monthly pastoral ministries. Santuario Corporal Works of Mercy Every second Friday of the month, Santuario Eucaristico offers free medico-dental clinic and feeding for the poor. Most of those who come for the clinic and for the feeding are from other barangays and parishes in the city. Some come from far places like Indahag, Lumbia, Iponan. This ministry has become a refuge, a sanctuary especially for the poor as they come here regularly and even bring their relatives, friends and neighbors with them sharing the good news about God's care for the needy. On July 11, there were more than a hundred people came for the clinic and the feeding. There were 24 student nurses and fresh graduates of Nursing from Xavier University volunteered. They were called and organized by Christine Tongco. Soldiers of of the Light Armor Cavalry from Camp Evangelista, Patag also came to assist. They have been helping out for many months already.  Fore information about this ministry, please read the articles posted here: Medical Services and Feeding Program.   Youth Adoration Continued The Eucharistic Youth Coordinating Council and some members of our parish youth organizations continue their monthly adoration before the Blessed Sacrament exposed every 2nd Friday. This is also an occasion for them to share their faith and strengthen their love of God. This adoration is facilitated by their Spiritual Director, Fr. Lennen Deciar, SSS.   People’s Eucharistic League Formation Continued The People’s Eucharistic League (PEL), which is an association under the directorship of the Blessed Sacrament Fathers and Brothers, is undergoing a formation every 2nd Saturday of the month. They are taught about the Eucharist in the understanding our holy founder, St. Peter Julian Eymard. This is given by Fr. Lennen, their Spiritual Director.  If you would like to become an associate, please come for an orientation every 4th Saturday of the month at 8:30 am at the Formation Center. The PEL associates commit to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament exposed at Santuario Eucaristico.   Santuario Masses and Adoration Live in the Internet Our daily Masses, Liturgy of the Hours and Adoration can now be seen live in the internet over our shrine website, I would like to ask to request everyone to help us promote and share our website through text, facebook, twitter, email, etc. This site is one of our ways of communicating to the world our message of God’s Love through Jesus in the Eucharist. By promoting our website then, is your participation in our evangelization ministry.   Ceiling Construction Started The renovation of our new ceiling has started. Please do continue to pray, and even pray harder that God may inspire and touch the hearts of many people to donate for this project. As of July 12, we received a total donation of 260,000 pesos.…

Zone 2 Celebrates Twin Fiesta

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Our two chapels at Zone 2, Barangay Carmen will celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on July 16. The officers of these 2 chapels had a meeting with Fr. Joel and agreed that their fiesta celebration will no longer be Birhen Sa Kota but Our Lady of Mount Carmel (OLMC). Both chapels are under the patronage of Our Lady  under this title. Though their patron is Our Lady of Mount Carmel and is located at Carmen, they are not part of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish but part of Sacred Heart Parish, our Parish. Fiesta Preparations To prepare for the fiesta, the community started their novena on July 7. This will last until July 15. During the novena days, the two communities also had their community recollection. This was given by Br. Gary Manansala, SSS. The OLMC – Binonoan Community had theirs on July 9 and the OLMC – Oro Chain Community on July 13. Br. Gary gave a one hour talk in the evening of those days at the 2 chapels about Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. A film showing was also done in the two chapels. These films were about values on family relationships and on friendship. On July 14, the two communities will have joint children’s which at OLMC – Oro Chain Village Chapel. In the morning of the 15th of July, the two communities will have a joint procession of Our Lady around the area of Zone 2, Carmen. Two Fiesta Mass at the 2 Chapels Both communities will have their separate fiesta Mass at 9:30 in the morning. After which, the priests will go around to bless their houses.

Over 600 Attended Eucharistic Congress

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There are more than 600 delegates who attended the 4th Archdiocesan Eucharistic Congress held at Santuario Eucaristico on June 21 at 1:00 - 5:00 in the afternoon. This number is good enough since the projected number of participants is 700 considering the seating capacity of Santuario which is 800. The particpants are coming from the different parishes and organizations from the whole archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro. Priests, seminarians (religious and diocesan) and religious sisters and brothers also attended. During the congress, the partipants were all touched by the sharing of Fr. Raul Dael, SSJV, who spoke about the "Sun of the Eucharist" and related it with the life of the people. Many cried as their hearts melted at the heat of the message of the Eucharist. They were deeply engaged with Fr. Raul so much that an imprint of God's love celebrated and adored in this Sacrament is left in their hearts and minds. Eucharist in the Life of the Laity One compelling story he told about God's gift of self was the story of a father who saved his wife and children at the height of the fatal earthquake in Bohol. In their house, the father blocked a cement wall from falling to his family. It fell on him and not on his family. He died in the process. Together with a team, Fr. Raul delivered relief goods and did a psycho-spiritual debriefing for the victims. He said that this is a real life sacrament of love, Eucharist enfleshed, so to say. The father used his body to save his family. His was like what Jesus said at the Last Supper, "This is my Body, given up for you." He may not be going to Mass often, but the Mass is alive in him. This is Eucharist in the life of the laity. This is Jesus himself saving his people. This message got the participants to reflect on how the Eucharist is lived out in their personal and their family lives. It is hoped then that as they go back to their parishes and their homes, they will be able to share what they learned and begin to love Jesus in the Eucharist even more intently. Photos taken during the Congress [srizonfbalbum id=12]

Santuario Eucaristico holds 4th Archdiocesan Eucharistic Congress

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Santuario Eucharistico holds the 4th Archdiocesan Eucharistic Congress on June 21 at the Shrine in order to launch the Archdiocesan preparation for the 51st International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) in 2016 in Cebu and to celebrate the Year of the Laity. The shrine believes that “The Most Blessed Eucharist contains the entire spiritual boon of the Church, that is, Christ himself, our Pasch and Living Bread, by the action of the Holy Spirit through his very flesh vital and vitalizing, giving life to men who are thus invited and encouraged to offer themselves, their labors and all created things, together with him. In this light, the Eucharist shows itself as the source and the apex of the whole work of preaching the Gospel” (Presbyterorum Ordinis #5). It is in this light that we form and inform our faith so as to truly live our Christian life. In the past 4 years, Santuario Eucharistico has organized such congress to highlight its mission to lead the people in the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. in the first 3 years, it is called Archdiocesan Shrine Eucharistic Congress but this year, it is called Archdiocesan Eucharistic Congress signifying that this congress is not only for and by the shrine but the by and for the whole Archdiocese. Fr. Boy Salvador, SSJV, SLD, the Head of the Commission on Liturgy in the Archdiocese said that we will have this congress in connection with the IEC. Archbishop Ledesma approved of this and added that this will also be one of the archdiocesan activities for the Year of the Laity 2014. Thus in the theme of the 4th  Archdiocesan Eucharistic Congress, "The Holy Eucharist" a sub topic is added "Eucharist in the Life of the Laity." To develop the theme, Fr. Raul Dael, SSJV, professor of St. John Vianney Theological Seminary, is invited as this year's speaker. Unlike in the past 3 years, where we only have 1 speaker, this year, we have 2. The other one is Fr. Joel R. Lasutaz, SSS, Rector of Santuario, who will share about the IEC 2016, and the Piso Para sa Misa ng Mundo which is the IEC fund-raising drive. For more information about the IEC, please click here to visit the congress website. An estimated 700 participants are expected to join the Archdiocesan Eucharistic Congress. They are coming from the different parishes and organizations and religious sisters and diocesan seminaries. The organization members of the Commission on Lay Ecclesial Movements in the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro (CLEMOACO) are also expected to come as this is also their planned pilgrimage to the shrine.

A New Eucharistic Community Established

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The Sacred Heart Parish in its ministry to take care of our parishioners in the parish areas established a new community centered around the celebration of the Word and the Breaking of Bread. This community is in Zone 2 Carmen near the Binonoan Creek. New Eucharistic Community Created This community was officially established by Fr. Joel Lasutaz, SSS, Parish Priest last May 20 during the fist Mass celebrated in their small chapel, which used to be the meeting hall of the Homeowners'  Association. There were around 90 parishioners who attended the Mass. Many of whom, of course, are the residents of the area. This was a response to the request of the parishioners through Bebing Alvarez, our area coordinator in this community, who herself is also a resident. The Community Divided With the creation of this new community in the same parish area, Zone 2 now has two Eucharistic communities with two chapels. The community is divided not because of disunity but because of a geographico-structural division. The city is actually building  at new bridge across Cagayan de Oro River that cuts through the community of  Zone 2, Carmen. This posed a difficulty for the people at the Binonoan side to go to their chapel located at Oro Chain Village. There lies then the necessity of establishing a new chapel for this new community. Two Communities, One Patron Since the community is located at Brgy. Carmen whose patron is Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, the two communities dedicated themselves under the patronage of Our Lady under this title. When the first chapel was created, the community was under Our Lady's title, Birhen sa Kota sa Cagayan, that was at the aftermath of typhoon Sendong, with July 16 as its feast day coinciding with Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. After Abp. Ledesma declared that the official feast of Birhen sa Kota is October 7, the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (Birhen sa Kota is actually Our Lady of the Rosary, the community requested to go back to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel as their patron of which Fr. Joel supported and approved.  July 16 now is the official feastday of our two communities. They are called, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel - Oro Chain and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel - Binonoan. Below are some photos taken during the first Mass at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel - Binonoan [srizonfbalbum id=11]

Santuario Resumes Rice Donation

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Santuario Eucaristico through its Eucharistic Shrine Mission Partners has been donating 5 sacks of rice to San Jose de Mindanao Seminary and St. John Vianney Theological Seminary for a couple of years. However, last year, we suspended this program temporarily. And it was only yesterday that we resumed donating to the two seminaries. We delivered 10 sacks to each seminary. But next month we will return to 5 sacks each. The cost of a sack of rice these days has increased. We bought it at 2,060 pesos per sack.  And for the 20 sacks of rice, we spent a total of 41,200 pesos. The funds we use for this come from the monthly pledge of our Mission Partners, the ESMP.  There are more than 200 members. And we receive an average monthly donation of 40,000 pesos.  This is helping the parish a lot especially in its charitable programs. One of which, of course, is the rice donation to the two seminaries. According to kitchen personnel, San Jose seminarians consume 1 sack of rice a day because of the number of seminarians. What we are donating to them is good only for 10 days. I pray that we will be able to sustain this donation for our future priests in the archdiocese. May God send us more Mission Partners. We are so grateful to the members, who despite of their poverty (some members are poor) reamin faithful to their monthly pledge of even just a hundred pesos.  May He continue to bestow upon all the ESMP members with the abundance of His financial blessings. You may want to visit the seminary. Here is their website: for the St. John Vianney Theological Seminary and for the San Jose de Mindanao Seminary. Below are some pictures taken during the purchase and delivery to the seminaries. [srizonfbalbum id=9]