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Birhen sa Kota Feast Day, Celebrated by Zone 2, Barangay Carmen

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JULY 16, 2013– Brgy. Carmen Zone-2 celebrated its first annual fiesta in honor of Birhen sa Kota at their new Chapel last July 16, 2013. 

Fr. Joel Lasutaz, SSS, presided the Holy Mass in honor of Birhen sa Kota. In his homily, he explained the origin and the significance of the Birhen sa Kota. [Birhen means, the Virgin Mary; and Kota, means, a fortress. Thus, Our Lady of the Fortress[1]. According to Fr. Joel, the Birhen sa Kota protected a fortress in Cagayan de Oro. During the World War-II, people were so afraid of the Japanese who happened to passed by their place. The people went on hiding, they have been praying to Our Lady to protect them. Until now, the people claimed that the Birhen sa Kota miraculously hid them from the occupying Japanese soldiers so they were never been attacked. The Birhen sa Kota is a small image of the Virgin Mary. It is now enshrined at St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral in the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro.

The homily was followed by children’s Baptism. Infants and children up to six years old were baptized. During the offertory, the people generously gave more of their donations for the on-going construction of the new Chapel dedicated to the Birhen sa Kota. There were, at least, 70 people who received the Holy Eucharist. There were more than a hundred people who attended the Fiesta-Mass in honor of the Birhen sa Kota. They included children and adults parishioners.

Before the end of the Fiesta-Mass celebration in honor of the Birhen sa Kota, Fr. Joel thanked the people for their generous support for the on-going construction of their community chapel. He encouraged them to pray piously to the Birhen sa Kota to protect them, especially from floods and other natural calamities and from all physical and spiritual harm.

After the Fiesta-Mass in honor of the Birhen sa Kota, house blessings followed. (Br. Dennis Marquez, SSS)

Here are some pictures taken during the community fiesta: