An Informed Faith

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August 1, 2014, Memorial of St. Alphonsus Liguori, Bishop and Doctor of the Church


Today’s Readings

First Reading:  JER 26:1-9

Responsorial Psalm: PS 69:5, 8-10, 14

Gospel: MT 13:54-58



In today’s Gospel, Jesus went to his hometown. When He preached at the synagogue, his townsfolk were amazed at his wisdom but did not believe in him because they could not accept him. They knew who Jesus was in their town as a son of a carpenter. They knew his family. Jesus for them was not credible enough to teach them about God, more so to perform mighty deeds for them. The Gospel says that they took offense at him, which can be understood as their rejection of Jesus.

The people’s knowledge about Jesus did not bring them to have faith in him. They could not accept that He is the promised Messiah, whom they were waiting for.  Because of this lack of faith, Jesus did not perform many miracles for them. He performed a few though to those who have faith in him. These miracles can also be equated for us today as God’s blessings.

There is one lesson we can learn from our Gospel. If we want to receive more blessings, we need to open our hearts to it by deepening our knowledge about God and about our faith. The more we learn about Jesus and how God loves us, the more our faith deepens. This is one of the reasons why the Church continues to evangelize the people in an ever new greater ways so that their faith may be deepened. Again, the more we learn, the more our faith deepens, the more blessings we receive. If we put it the other way around, we can say: the less knowledge we have, the lesser our faith, the lesser the blessings we receive. So, let us learn about our faith, let us inform our faith.