A New Eucharistic Community Established

May 22, 2014 | [post_view] Views

Mt. Carmel Chapel

The Sacred Heart Parish in its ministry to take care of our parishioners in the parish areas established a new community centered around the celebration of the Word and the Breaking of Bread. This community is in Zone 2 Carmen near the Binonoan Creek.

New Eucharistic Community Created

This community was officially established by Fr. Joel Lasutaz, SSS, Parish Priest last May 20 during the fist Mass celebrated in their small chapel, which used to be the meeting hall of the Homeowners’  Association. There were around 90 parishioners who attended the Mass. Many of whom, of course, are the residents of the area. This was a response to the request of the parishioners through Bebing Alvarez, our area coordinator in this community, who herself is also a resident.

The Community Divided

With the creation of this new community in the same parish area, Zone 2 now has two Eucharistic communities with two chapels. The community is divided not because of disunity but because of a geographico-structural division. The city is actually building  at new bridge across Cagayan de Oro River that cuts through the community of  Zone 2, Carmen. This posed a difficulty for the people at the Binonoan side to go to their chapel located at Oro Chain Village. There lies then the necessity of establishing a new chapel for this new community.

Two Communities, One Patron

Since the community is located at Brgy. Carmen whose patron is Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, the two communities dedicated themselves under the patronage of Our Lady under this title. When the first chapel was created, the community was under Our Lady’s title, Birhen sa Kota sa Cagayan, that was at the aftermath of typhoon Sendong, with July 16 as its feast day coinciding with Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. After Abp. Ledesma declared that the official feast of Birhen sa Kota is October 7, the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (Birhen sa Kota is actually Our Lady of the Rosary, the community requested to go back to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel as their patron of which Fr. Joel supported and approved.  July 16 now is the official feastday of our two communities. They are called, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel – Oro Chain and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel – Binonoan.

Below are some photos taken during the first Mass at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel – Binonoan