6th Archdiocesan Eucharistic Congress

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As we continue our goal to assist and evangelize the people to deepen their faith in God, we once again successfully concluded another major formation program in the Archdiocese, which is the 6th Archdiocesan Eucharistic Congress at Santuario Eucaristico – Sacred Heart Parish led by Fr. Joel R. Lasutaz, SSS last May 28, 2016.

If we look back to the roots of these congresses, it started with a small Archdiocesan Shrine Eucharistic Congress in 2011 hosted by our shrine. After that, more congresses followed up until this year where we had our 6th congress. From a simple shrine congress, it was later realized and adopted by the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro and became an Archdiocesan Eucharistic Congress, where all the lay in the diocese gather together each year to further learn about their faith.

The congress started with a Rosary in honor of our dear Mother Mary then followed by an opening remarks from our rector and parish priest, Fr. Joel R. Lasutaz, SSS. This year’s first speaker was Fr. Raul Dael, SSJV who tackled about “The Eucharist and Good Governance and Citizenship”. In his sharing, he emphasized the words from the Holy Father saying that politics is a “lofty vocation – the highest form of charity” as it wills the common good. We Catholics further agrees on this cause in service to our brothers and sisters, we need good governance and citizenship. We must have the will to lead others and as members of our community, we must also be good citizens and follow our leaders. As what the old saying states: “A good leader must be a good follower.” He pointed out the Qualities of a Good Supporter and Politician, Levels of Motivation, Tips and Guidelines for good governance. In conclusion, he quote Edmund Burke’s words: ”Evil triumphs when good people do nothing.” A Eucharistic Celebration was made to conclude the first part of the congress. It was presided by His Excellency Abp. Antonio Ledesma, SJ, DD assisted by the priests present in the congress. It was when the Bishop thank Fr. Joel for all the love, support and improvements he’d given and made to Santuario Eucaristico – Sacred Heart Parish as he will be transferred to a new parish.

Our second speaker was Msgr. Boy Salvador, SSJV, SLD who discussed about “The Eucharist and Family” where he stressed the Eucharistic Spirituality, Vocation and the relevance of the Holy Eucharist in the Family. It was made clear that the family should be a community of life and love, a school of prayer where responsible parenthood takes place. Love and faith must start in the family as it is said “…by their word and example, parents should be the first preachers of the faith to their children.” (LG 11). The second subtopic emphasizes the Family as the Fundamental Structure where the Liturgical Experience is Prepared and Extended. It is in the family that the faith of a child is learned and nurtured.

Series of group sharing was done every after talk. There were time for trivia and Tableau Presentation of the theme. After all these was a Eucharistic Adoration with Vespers concluded by a Eucharistic Procession to St. Augustine Cathedral. Rain or shine, the procession took place in honor of the Body and Blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ.



We would also like to thank all the people who made this congress possible:
Fr. Joel R. Lasutaz, SSS and all the assisting priest in Santuario Eucaristico, the Liturgical Commission who is the head committee of this congress, LeComm, EMHOC, Altar Servers, Servants of the Eucharist, Music Ministry, all the parish Staff and volunteers. May the Lord be with you always!