66th Feast of San Roque Chapel: Baptism and Fiesta Celebration

Aug 20, 2015 | [post_view] Views


San Roque Chapel, Sacred Heart Parish celebrated it’s 66th feastday in honor of San Roque. To prepare for this, they had a nine days novena and mass.

Sacrament of Baptism:
Two weeks ago, seminars were given to the parents of the children as preparation for the baptism that was led by Sister Marge Manabat. Twenty-three children were baptized by Fr. Muriel Uy, SSS. It was overwhelming to see how their parents have walked their children into the new life of Christ.

Fiesta Celebration:
After the Baptismal Rite, a bountifull feast was celebrated at their chapel with Fr. Muriel Uy, SSS and Rev. Fr. Jose Daniel Coronel, SSJV. Food were given to all the devotees and lay people.

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