2nd Eymard’s Family Day

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This year, we celebrate the Feast of St. Peter Julian Eymard, the Apostle of the Eucharist and our Patron Saint, with a 2nd Family Day last August 5, 2017 in Santuario Eucaristico.

Accordingly, “Eymard’s Family Day” in our parish was designed to achieve the desire of St. Peter Julian Eymard for us to become the people of prayer, the people who have a good and strong relationship with our God, to be a community and parish that is in total communion with our God. Our communion as a family and as a community is a reflection of the Kingdom of God.

This year, we had our Novena Masses last August 2-4 during our Evening Masses at 6pm. On the 5th of August, we had a whole-day celebration starting with a Eucharistic Celebration and Installation of the New PEL Officers at 8:00am with our parishioners, especially the Parish Eucharistic League (PEL) members who are our Eucharistic Adorers. The mass was presided by Fr. Muriel Uy,SSS and assisted by Fr. Froilan A. Briones,SSS and Fr. Clifford Barrios,SSS.

After the Mass followed the program proper at the back of the shrine. It was formally started with an Opening Prayer by Fr. Clifford followed by the welcome remarks of the new PEL Coordinator, Ms. Cecile M. Kionisala. A short talk about St. Peter Julian Eymard and Parish Eucharistic League (PEL) was then given by Fr. Muriel. The rest of the program was full of presentations, games and raffles, and acknowledging the August Birthday Celebrants. The closing remarks by Fr. Muriel and closing prayer by Fr. Froilan commenced the celebration.

2nd Eymards Family Day 2017

In St. Peter Julian Eymard’s words, “The Eucharist is the supreme proof of the love of Jesus” and in this year’s fiesta, we celebrate love and give thanks to God for a successful celebration of communion as a family in this 2nd Eymard Family Day!