Experience the healing power of God in the Eucharist. Come, join us and receive healing for yourself, for your family and friends.

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Saturday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Fill your life with the Word of God. Be inspired daily!

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Daily Mass Times

Here is the Daily Mass Times, the whole day Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Lauds and Vespers, the evening Solemn Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at Santuario Eucaristico.

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Santuario Eucaristico - Live the fullness of life.


Flores de Mayo 2016 Culmination

Most of our Youth Volunteers here at the shrine are the by-products of Flores de Mayo years ago. Now, they've grown up to be responsible adults who volunteered themselves to be a catechists who passionately give their time to teaching children about the Catholic faith. This year, after all the preparations and month-long catechesis, we successful had our culminating activity last May 30, 2016.

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6th AEC Tumbler

6th Archdiocesan Eucharistic Congress

As we continue our goal to assist and evangelize the people to deepen their faith in God, we once again successfully concluded another major formation program in the Archdiocese, which is the 6th Archdiocesan Eucharistic Congress at Santuario Eucaristico - Sacred Heart Parish led by Fr. Joel R. Lasutaz, SSS last May 28, 2016.

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First Music Ministry Outing

For all these years, our music ministers from the parish and other two chapels have given their genuine service to the Lord though sharing their time and talents in playing instruments and singing. This year, we hold the first Music Ministry Outing in San Isidro Beach Resort Initao involving all choirs in the parish namely: FILL Chorus, Blessed Sacrament Youth Choir, St. Joseph Youth Choir, St. Joseph Choir and San Roque Youth Choir.

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PPCRV for National Election 2016

Once again, the Santuario Eucaristico community participated in the recent National Elections in partnership with the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV). There were 15 precints in the assigned voting center and we have about 130 PPCRV Volunteers from our community.

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Flores de Mayo 2016 Opening

Every month of May, the Catholic Church offers devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary and thus held a month-long festival called Flowers of May" which is popularly known as "Flores de Mayo". This year marks another month of evangelization, prayer and other activities that our catechists prepared for all the children in the parish.

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Circles of Discernment

The Catholic church finds ways to better evangelize the community may it be Spiritual or not. This time, since the Philippine general election 2016 is fast approaching, the Citizens of Electoral Council lead by Abp. Antonio Ledesma SJ, DD conducted a program called "Circles of Discernment" which is geared to evangelize voters to further knowledge and understanding on how to vote conscientiously this coming May 9, 2016.

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Holy Week 2016: Celebrating the Greatest Love of All

Every year, the Catholic Church commemorates the Paschal Mystery of Christ which is the greatest symbol of the Love of God. On our end, our parish also participated in the death and resurrection of Jesus through the Holy Week Activities that we celebrated as one community and family.

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24 Hours for the Lord 2016

Back in 2015, the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization initiated and organized a so called "24 Hours for the Lord" which is celebrated by all the Catholics around the world. Pope Francis once again invited all the parishes in the world to open their doors for the faithful to have a meaningful encounter with Jesus Christ. In response to this, the Vicariate of St. Jerome in the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro hosted by Santuario Eucaristico successfully offered the holy 24 hours for the Lord.

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Values Formation and Rice Giving in Iraq

Every month, we go to different Barangays under our parish to evangelize our brothers and sisters about the Catholic faith. Recently, we had our Values Formation and Rice Giving in a place called "Iraq".

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Santuario Eucaristico Opens Holy Door of Mercy of the Vicariate of St. Jerome

In the Vicariate of St. Jerome, the chosen shrine to have the Holy Door is the Santuario Eucaristico - Sacred Heart Parish and on the 19th of December 2015, the Holy Door was opened.

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